In the act of traditional chaos magick sigilization there is usually a step in which you must forget the sigil that you have created, or activated. This step is usually referred to as forgetting the sigil, and has been used by many practitioners, while being forgotten by many others. The step though skipped over a lot can still be quite helpful in your practice, if you are willing to use it, and find it helpful. The act of forgetting the sigil allows you to thrust your sigil to your sub-conscience, so that you can allow it to work in the back of your mind without being disturbed, or change to by your conscious mind. This process of forgetting is usually done after the activation of the sigil, but has also been done some times after the creation of the sigil. It is said to be a way in which you do not distract the sigil from doing it’s working by consciously influencing it, while also being able to detach yourself from the sigil, so that it can work using your intention, and will not be interrupted by any other intentions that you are giving it. By thinking obsessively on the sigil you will be interacting with it with your energy, and intentions which may interact, and change the energies, and intentions of the sigil instead of just letting it work, which has been said to stop the effectiveness of sigils by distracting them from what they were supposed to manifest. It is a way of not focusing on the magickal practice that you have performed with your doubts, and expectations, and will allow it to manifest without you dwelling upon it the entire time it is trying to manifest. This step is more about not dwelling upon what you want through an act of magick that you have performed, so you do not become obsessive with when it is going to manifest, and can simply just allow it to come to you. I believe that forgetting sigils can help you more effectively give them a space to manifest, but I do not believe the step is absolutely 100% necessary, because sigils have shown to be effective without participating in the forgetting step by many practitioners, though it can be incredibly helpful to stop yourself from overthinking the magick that you are performing and to carry on with your life after you activate your sigil. It is pretty much up to you to decide if you would like to use the forgetting step in your sigilcraft. You should try out both methods and find what works best for you in your practice, and situation that you are dealing with.

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