This technique will be incredibly useful on the rest of your magickal path, because of the various situations you can use it in. This technique will allow you to feel the energy of any person, place, or thing, and will allow you to gain information based upon the sensations that you are feeling, and how the energy interacts with your own allowing you to truly interact with the spiritual world on a level that you might not have done up until this point. This energy is going to feel very similar to the energy that you felt when you make a ki ball, but every energy is going to have its own subtle differences that you will be able to feel and get information from. Depending upon how well versed you are in this practice, and how sensitive you are to feeling energy will determine what type of information you get, and how much of it you will receive. This energy message can be translated by you into usable information that we can understand on this plane of existence. this information can be given to you in many different ways from you simply just knowing what the construct is about, seeing things in your mind’s eye that have to do with the construct, receiving feelings from your emotions that will portray information from the construct, or just how the subtle energy feels particularly, along with many others that may be very personal to the practitioner who practices the act of spiritual energy scanning.

How To Spiritual Energy Scan:

1) The first thing you are going to need to do in order to scan the energy of something, is to find a construct in which you would like to feel the energy of. this can be anything that exists physically, spiritually, or even mentally. The only requirement is it has to be able to interact with your energy. I recommend that you start with something in your physical vicinity that has a high energy vibrational frequency such as crystals, magickal tools, or anything else that is connected to spirituality, or religion.

2) Next you’re going to need to get into a semi meditative state, and center, and ground, so that you are ready to start working with the energies of the spiritual world.

3)  Now that you have what you are going to be feeling the energy of you need to take your hand, or hands, and  touch, or point your palms towards the construct or entity that you are going to feel into.

4) Now you want to push your energy out towards the construct, so that it can interact with it and bring you information. To do this push up energy from your solar plexus up to your shoulder and down your arm, and into your hands, so that you can then push that energy into, or at the construct, or entity. You can do this simply by visualizing the energy traveling through that path. This will act just like making the ki ball but inside of another object, or towards the presence of another object. By pushing your energy, and  allowing it to mix, and interact with other energies you will be able to feel information from the other energy allowing you to read into it.

5) Now that your energy and the constructs energy is mix, and interacting with each other you can focus your mind, and try to feel into what the energies are trying to tell you. Pay attention to every sensation in your body, and look for any signs of change, as you feel the energy. This information can show itself in many different ways, so be ready to receive any type of sign that may be explaining some type of information to you.

6) Once you are done feeling into the construct all you have to do in order to stop is to cut off the flow of energy that you are pushing at it, then center, and ground. Then you will be able to go along with your day.

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