The etheric plane is a plane of existence that rests in between the physical plane, and the astral plane. This plane is the world between worlds, and is also sometimes called the in between. This is the first non physical plane of existence, and is also the only other plane of existence that is not on the other side of the veil, which makes it very easy to enter, and to work with. By understanding this plane of existence you can understand a lot more about the planes of existences in general, and how the universe is connected between these different states of vibrational frequencies.

The etheric plane is a plane of existence that you don’t hear too much about. A lot of the time this plane of existence is greatly associated with the physical plane, and is usually regarded as the highest vibrational frequency of that plane of existence, so much so that it is usually not separated out when talking about planes of existences. Most of everything that exists in the etheric plane of existence is grounded to something in the physical, making it the closest place for spiritual entities to interact with the physical plane. Spiritual entities who have not passed through the veil also reside in this plane of existence, and will usually be grounded to something in order to stay. This Plane of existence is said to be where ghost reside until they cross over. These entities will usually attach themselves to something in order to remain in the etheric plane of existence. This Plane of existence is also said to be where a lot of elementals are. It is said that they can reside there, because they can attach themselves to the element in which they come from.

This Plane of existence is still very dense, and vibrates at a lower frequency compared to the astral plane. The consciousness is said to travel here in the etheric body in order to rest, and rejuvenate, while the body is sleeping. It is the place where we are said to go when we dream, or enter a very deep meditational state. The etheric plane is in the third dimension, though time, and space are a little bit different on the etheric plane, but are not quite four dimensional like the astral plane. The etheric is also a space in which you can grow, and learn, and test out things as if it were a dream. This Plane of existence is also where  the spiritual energy of physical things resides, and culminates through all things. this close proximity spiritual energy is the subtle energy that interacts with the physical world in order for magick to take shape, and to manifest desires, and will.

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