Around this time the veil is known for getting thinner, but why does this happen and what does this mean for the world around you. The veil is a spiritual wall that separates the physical plane, and etheric plane from the higher planes of existences. When the veil becomes thinner it is easier to interact with the higher planes of existences, because the veil is not blocking your psychic senses of them, allowing you to perceive, and interact with things that you may not regularly. The constructs that you will be able to interact with are going to be things such as spirits, and spiritual energies, and because of this it is a good time to work magick, and to communicate with spirits, and other entities that are on the other side of the veil. Because of its ties with magick, and witchcraft this is generally the time when a lot of new practitioners begin their practice into the occult, and are drawn towards understanding more spiritual means. This time is also important for the correspondence of death, and rebirth, and will allow you time to reflect on what has happened in the past, and how you’re going to change it for the future.

During the end of october, and the beginning of may the veil opens up, and allows us to see on to the higher planes of existence, and to connect, and to be empowered by the energies that they possess. The veil thinning is brought on because we are transitioning from the warm season to the cold season, or vice versa, and during this we are in an in-between time. Metaphysically when you enter an in-between space the veil will be thinner in that area, because of this when the shift from the warm season to the cold season happens it becomes a big in-between which results in the widespread thinning of the Veil. The masculine energy of the warm season, and the feminine energy of the winter season mixed together to form a state in which allows us to enter a more spiritual side of the world. This increase in spiritual energy is what thins the veil, and allows us to have this spiritual, and powerful time.

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