There are many different ways that you can go about charging your crystals in order to get them working at their most efficient levels. In this post I will be going over a couple of the more basic methods for charging crystals, so that you will be able to charge your crystals and work with them more effectively.


By putting your crystals in the sunlight you will be able to charge them using the sun’s rays. All you need in order to charge crystals in this way is to place your crystals in the sunlight outside, or in a windowsill, so that the sun’s rays will be able to lay upon them, and charge them with its energy. Certain crystals should not be charged in this way due to the fact that they will cause fading of the crystals color, so make sure to check what types of crystals can be charged this way before doing it.


You can also use Moonlight in order to charge crystals from the light that is bouncing off of the Moon. All you have to do is place them outside, or in a windowsill on a night where the moon is reflecting a good amount of light. The best night for this would definitely be on the full moon.

Pushing energy into it:

If you have practiced in energy work you may also be able to push energy into the crystal in order to charge it. You can do the simply by putting your hand upon the Crystal and visualizing your energy flowing into it. This will allow the crystal to pick up your energy in order to charge itself.

Burying stones:

Burying stones in the ground is also a way in which you can charge your crystals, because it allows the crystal to be grounded to the earth. When the crystal becomes grounded to the Earth. It will be able to release negative energy that it has picked up, and will suck in energies that it needs to be able to work effectively.

Crystal grids:

You are able to create a crystal grid which is a formation of crystals laid in a grid position all connected to each other that will be able to charge all of the crystals that are part of the grid. This is done because crystal grids called down energy from the higher planes of existence through the generator stone of the crystal grid. Allowing energy to flow throughout the grid charging all the crystals that are part of it.


You can use music, and other sounds in order to charge crystals. These sound frequencies will enhance the vibration of the crystals energy. Allowing it to become energized, and work at its full potential. You can use any form of music, or instrument in order to charge your crystals.

Feeding off your own energy:

You can allow the stone to charge off your own energy. This will drain you of your personal energy, but will allow the stone to be active in its processes. All you have to do in order to get it to do this is to use crystal programming in order to tell it to feed off of you as a specific source, or simply by carrying it with you will allow the stone to feel into your energies into charge.


You are able to pass your crystals through smoke also in order to cleanse them, and to get them back into good working order. All you have to do for this one is pass your crystal through incense smoke in order to cleanse and enhance them.


You can anoint your crystals with certain oils in order to allow those oils to activate the stones energies. Certain stones should be avoided from using anointing, because it may damage the stone.


You can allow your stones to rest in a sort of water, so that they can be cleansed of their energies, and to be enhanced by the water’s energy. By using other types of spiritual waters you can also increase this effectiveness. Certain crystals should also not be put in water, because they may become damaged so you should do research on if your Crystal can be submerged in water.


By placing stones upon salt, or burying them in it you will also be able to cleanse them and reset their energy, so that they will work more effectively. this should also only be done with certain stones, because it has been known to damage certain ones.


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