Friday the 13th is known to be a very unlucky day, but what is it about it that has given it these properties and understandings. This day will occur on any day in which it is friday and also the 13th of the month. These days are notorious for being very unlucky, so unlucky in fact that there is even a name for the fear of this day called paraskevidekatriaphobia, and it is also the most feared day, and date in history. It is said that this day is unlucky because Friday’s and the number 13 are both associated with bad luck, and because of this has allowed very bad things to happen on these days. metaphysically it is the energy of 13, and the energy of Friday that creates this metaphysical atmosphere for bad luck. The number 13 has the metaphysical properties of power, upheaval, death, new beginnings, misfortune, spirituality, uncertainty, mystery, and the unknown, and the day of Friday has the metaphysical properties of the number six, love, creativity, relaxation, fun, fertility, physicality, the material world, and high ideals. When these two energies combined together on a single day they take energies of change, misfortune, spirituality, and uncertainty from the number 13, and mixes it with the physical, material, creativity energies of Friday to create a day in which is the perfect environment for something in the physical and spiritual world to go wrong, change, and to not be known. It is because of all of these elements that allow this day to be particularly unlucky, and to be spooky in nature. These days have been greatly associated with many different things going wrong from businesses losing their money to notoriously negative historical events. This day will always carry its energies, and superstitions with it whenever it appears, and can be something to watch out for.

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