Programming crystals allows you to give specific crystals a certain job to carry out. This could allow you to use your crystals in a more dynamic way allowing you to call upon them for certain tasks, and jobs that you may need done. You will also be able to dedicate certain crystals to a specific focus allowing those crystals to push towards one goal, and not to be distracted by any others. This is done by giving the stone a certain intention to focus on, so that its energies will be drawn to that situation to accomplish whatever goal you set it up for. By learning how to program your crystals you will be able to tell them to protect certain areas, to empower certain constructs, and entities, and to only release their energy in certain situations, along with many other things. All you are going to need in order to do this is focus, your intention, and a stone of your choice. This can be done with any type of crystal, or gemstone of your choice, and will allow you very interesting ways to go about including them in your practice. You’ll also want to choose a stone that is connected to your intentions in order for it to be more equipped in acting out your desire. After they have been program they can always be reprogrammed, or the program can always be nullified to bring them back to normal.

How to program crystals:

  1. Before you can even go about getting in the process of  programming a stone with your intention you must first think of what that intention is going to be. Remember that this intention can be whatever you would like, but it should be specific enough that the stone can act upon it without it being confused, or being unable to do its job.
  2. You may also want to find a quiet space  where you will not be disturbed  to allow yourself space to focus on your programming.
  3. Then start out by cleansing the stone that you wish to program, so that its energies can be reset back to where they were originally, so that no previous programs can get in the way.
  4. You’re going to need to take the crystal that you want to program in your hand, or lay your hand upon it. Do this by taking the crystal in your dominant, or power hand in order to push your energies an intention into it much more smoothly.
  5. You will want to now feel into the stone, so that your energy can go forth and mix with it, allowing you in the stone to be in complete harmony with each other, so that the intentions can be sent between you and the stone.
  6. After you have connected to the crystal you are then going to start to feed your intention into it in order to program it. You will want to say your intention over, and over again, and visualize it as clearly as possible so that you can embedded into the stone. You are allowed to focus your intention out loud, or in your head. Remember to take time to do this, because this is the fundamental process of programming your crystal. You will know when your intention has program the crystal when you instinctually feel that the energy of the crystal has change, and been redirected towards your intention. If you are unable to feel this you can always stop this process after an extended period of time in order to allow your energy time to program the crystal.
  7. Next after intending your program into the stone you will then want to bring it to a place where it will be able to do its job, or is close to what it is going to be affecting.
  8. After you are done with that you can put down the crystal, and remove your hand from it and go on with your day knowing that your crystal will carry out the goal that you have set for it.
  9. If you ever want to go about changing the programming you can always do so by cleansing your stone, and starting over with the process again.

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