Sometimes after you cast a spell, you will wish to undo it because you do not want it to manifest into the world. Knowing how to undo spells can help you stop your and other people’s magick from taking shape in many situations. To use this information, you will need to know the fundamentals of creating your spells and rituals so that you will be able to put together something to accomplish your desires.

Undoing Spells:

There are a couple of ways you can go about undoing a spell, but most of the time, you will go through the act of nullifying it by sending another spell after it. You can always use the method of allowing the spell to run its course so that it will eventually run out of kna by using it all to manifest what it needs to, but this will not be preferred in a lot of cases. To undo a spell, you will need to stop the kna of that spell by sending out your spell to nullify it. The purpose of the spell will be to nullify the purpose of the first spell. We will target the kna of the spell already present in the universe. To do a spell like this, you are going to lay it out like you do every other spell by cleansing, grounding, centering, and protecting the space you are within so that you can have an area to work magick. Next, you will want to raise kna that have to do with banishing. This is so that you can use this kna to banish the kna of the spell already acting in the universe. You could also go through finding or creating a sigil that will undo a spell. To use this banishing kna to target the spell you are trying to undo, you should find something connected to that spell or focus on what that spell was supposed to accomplish so that you can target it and banish it with the kna that you have gathered. Once you send out that kna It will go forth and nullify the spell that you have targeted. The whole idea here is to banish the kna of the spell that you do not want to manifest.

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