Sunday: Prosperity, Success, Wealth, Fortune, Power, Individuality, Beginning, Confidence, Ego, and many more.

Monday: Travel, Peace, Illusion, Fertility, Dreams, Mystery, Fantasy, Introspection, Intuition, Insightful, Imagination, and many more.

Tuesday: Victory, Strength, Courage, Endurance, Passion, Aggression, Revenge, Bad luck, Lust, Rebellious, and many more.

Wednesday: Creativity, Luck, Cunning, Change, Mind, Study, Wisdom, Knowledge, Writing

Thursday: Good health, Abundance, Leadership, Energetic growth, Good fortune, Prosperity, Career, Optimism, Loyalty, Healing, Optimism, and many more.

Friday: Love, Fertility, Friendship, Communication, Romance, Beauty, Partnerships, Self-love, Bad luck, Pleasure, Enjoyment, Sexuality, Social Activities, Creativity, Relaxation, Fun, The material world, High ideals, and many more.

Saturday: Protection, Banishing, Exorcism, Spirituality, Endings, Self-discipline, Life, Death, Freedom, and many more

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