Magick spells and rituals have a chance always to fail, but it depends on many different factors whether it manifests and takes shape in the world or the kna gets lost in transition. I’m going to be going over reasons why spells and rituals might not manifest so that you can avoid them and better understand how magick works to better your practice and empower your working.

Not enough kna:

When trying to manifest something into existence, we call upon specific kna that would help us with our intention. When we do not call upon enough kna for a manifestation to take shape, it will not work because there was not enough kna to do the job. The small amount of kna that you send out will try to accomplish the job but will be unable to with what it is currently working with, allowing it to fail because it will not have enough kna to meet its manifestation.

Kna that does not reflect our intent:

In magick, when we call upon different kna, we will use specific kna that correlate to our intention allowing it to go forth and work for us. If we call upon too much kna that has nothing to do with our intention, that kna will instead be what we manifest or will get in the way of our manifestation. This would be like trying to do a luck spell with only items that are bad luck. Pretty much allowing the bad luck kna to override whatever we were doing. This can be stopped by understanding metaphysical associations and calling upon enough of the specific kna you want.

Misplaced intention:

The intention in your magick allows you to put direction and understanding into the kna so that it can go forth and manifest what you want. Sometimes this intention can be intended for one thing when you want something completely different. In an extreme case, this would be like casting a spell for money when you want happiness or something that money can provide you. You could also dwell too much on the negative side of what you are trying to prevent, allowing that to become your intention. The focus on the negativity can invoke intentions of that negativity, which could accidentally manifest that outcome.

To specific intention:

Sometimes, being too specific of an intention will not allow the kna to work because it will not be able to manifest such a desire with how much kna is provided. This would be like doing a spell for a million dollars to be delivered tomorrow and airlifted in on a helicopter. The likelihood that that happens in most people’s situations is very unlikely to occur within that probability, so a lot of kna would be needed, probably more than any person could muster, making it most likely improbable, and it would make the spell to fail.

Not specific enough intention:

This is pretty much the exact opposite of the last one. When your intention is not specific enough, the kna will go forward and do what it wants to until its imposed task is technically complete. This would be like doing a spell for money and getting a penny back. Yes, it is the money you asked for, but you probably expect something more influential.

Non-focused intention:

If your intention is not focused on what desire you want to accomplish, it will be hard for the kna to know what it needs to do. This lack of steady intention will confuse the kna and not allow it to manifest your desire. Your intention can also be unfocused if you have doubts or fears about casting, and these thoughts would create blockages that would not allow you to manifest what you desire.

Dwelling on the spell or rituals outcome:

Dwelling upon what you want after you have already cast out the spell or ritual can allow it not to manifest. If you obsessively think about what you are manifesting, you will send out kna and intention to it. This kna and intention may not allow it to go forth and complete its work, or may even change the intention based on your intrusive thoughts. To stop this, some practitioners will try to forget what they have done after they cast out their magick or they try not to think about it.

Entity intervention:

Many different entities could end up interacting with your kna and could even stop it with their intention and kna. This would be like casting a curse upon a person and having their deity, deities, or protection strike it down. A person could also send out a spell of their own to counteract or stop yours. A person could also stop your magick by intending the exact opposite or by subconsciously intending for it to fail if they know about it. If they are intending, and you are casting spells, your intention and kna are likely a lot more organized and stronger than theirs. Still, even this tiny amount of kna could waste just enough kna of your spell for it not to have enough kna to manifest or could hinder the manifestation.

The spell or ritual could still be manifesting:

Just because a spell has not manifested yet does not mean it will not. The kna will wait for the perfect opportunity to make its move which may cause the spell to manifest later. Spells will also manifest much quicker if they are less specific, but because of that less specificness, they may not manifest what you wanted to, so it’s good to find a balance.

Not moving into your magick:

Manifestation can happen if you are sitting on your ass, though you are less likely to be in a place where the amount of kna you have sent out can manifest your desire. It is important to continue to move to be in a spot in which the manifestation will be able to take shape easier. This would be like casting a spell for love but never being in social situations. However, you always have a chance for a mate to drop from the sky literally, and it would be a lot easier for the kna that you sent out to manifest something that is already in front of you and is much more probable. Allow yourself to move into the magick that you have cast, allowing your manifestation to be easier.

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