There are many different ways in order to use crystals in your practice, and by understanding these ways you will be able to empower your craft with the energies of the crystals that you have. This list is by no way a complete one but is a very basic overview of some ways that you can use crystals.

Allowing their energies to impact you:

Crystals will inherently project, and emit their personal energies out into the world. Depending upon what type of crystal it is will determine what energy that it is emitting. These energies will be able to impact you, and other constructs around the crystal, giving them the energies of that crystal. By learning, and using these energies to your advantage, you will allow yourself to work better with the crystals that you have, so that they can impact your life, and improve it with their energies. In order to do this all you need is a crystal that you want to connect with the energy of, then you just have to have it in your vicinity, so its energies will start to impact you. You could also try carrying the crystal with you so the energies could impact you all throughout the day. Another thing you could do is place the crystals upon your body in areas that you believe need to receive the energy that it emits, this would be such spots as important energy centers, or chakras. Putting crystals underneath your pillow at night, wearing certain crystals as jewelry, and placing crystals in specific rooms are also very good ways to spread around the energy of specific crystals that you want to enhance your life.

Crystal energy directing tools:

You are also able to use crystals as energy directing tools much like wands, or athames. Crystals that come to a point on one of the sides are good for this, because they give you a point in which the energy of the crystal is projected. They will not only allow you to direct energy with them, but will also empower you’re working through their energies. You will need some form of crystal wand, or a crystal that comes to a point, so that you can take it in your hand, and push energy through it in order to direct energy through the crystal for your magickal working.

Crystal grids:

Crystal grids are crystals placed in a grid formation to form a networkof crystals that are used in order to release a specific type of energy. These Crystal grids are incredibly powerful, and will allow you to use multiple crystals together in order to release more advanced forms of crystal energy. Allowing you to mix, and match and create unique personal energy grids that can be made for any situation. You can learn more about Crystal grids at this link:

Gem elixirs:

Gem elixirs are waters that have been infused with the energies of specific crystals in order to give it a form of energetic properties. These energetic properties of the water will impact whatever comes in contact with the water. Gem elixirs can be incredibly useful for getting specific energies into your system, and transporting specific forms of energy to other locations. You can learn more about gem elixirs at this link:

Crystal Gazing:

Crystal gazing is the act of looking into a crystal in order to see images, colors, and visions, so that you can get insights into situations, or the future. This is usually done with crystal balls, but have also been done with other forms of crystals. This is a form of divination that can be incredibly useful, and simple if you have a form of Crystal that you can stare into.


Lithomancy is a form of Divination in which gently tossing stones to see where they land in a grid in order to gain insight into situations or the future. In order to do lithomancy you are going to need stones withmany different metaphysical associations so that when they fall into a certain space on the grid that you have created they will be able to tell you a bit about what that grid stands for. This is a great form of divination if you have a lot of stones.

Communicate with the spirit of the crystal:

Learning to communicate with the spirit that is inside every crystal will allow you to use that Crystal more effectively in your practice. Crystal Spirits are wise powerful companions that can help you on your journey of working with the crystal energy. Learning to communicate with them is very important for learning how to use the crystal in the most effective way possible. You can learn more about spirit of the crystal at this link:

Crystal Meditation:

Crystal meditation is a form of meditation in which you meditate with certain crystals that you would like to connect with, and to be impacted by. By meditating with crystals you can connect to there energy, and allow those energies to impact your spiritual bodies. You will also be able to feel into the stone, and become more acquainted with its energies, and its teachings. This will also be a good startto begin communicating with the spirit of the crystal to begin forming a relationship with it. In order to do crystal meditation all you must do is sit with a crystal, and meditate while focusing on its energies, and the rest will come to you.


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