It is possible for you to take too much spiritual energy into your body at one time, just like it is possible to suffer from energetic burnout. I refer to this high energy state as energetic overflow for a lack of a better name. Both of these states are not very balanced for your body, and energetic system due to the fact that one is the lack of having enough energy, and the other is the over excess of energy. By taking too much energy into your body you will overly charge your energy centers, and energy channels allowing them to over activate, and become suffocating, and overwhelming with the amount of energy that they are working with.

This will result in forcing you into a state of being super open, and sensitive to energies around you, allowing them to more powerfully impact you, and your spiritual being. This will leave you open to energies, and vibrations that you may not want to be open to. These energies will be things such as pain, and sadness that other people may be feeling around you, along with other powerful negative emotions, and feelings. Having too much energy can also lead to feelings of being ungrounded, moodiness, headaches, and anxiety. Your energy will also become very hyperactive, and uncontrollable, while in the state. You will also begin to lose your connection to the physical world, and will feel more like you are living in some form of illusion, or spiritual world. You may also become very restless, jittery, and nervous while also feeling like you have the energy to do everything, but the focus to do none of it. Along with many other symptoms depending upon who is experiencing energetic overflow.

In order to fix being energetically overcharged you should center, ground, and release that energy into the earth, so that you can return back to a balanced, and harmonic state. Balance is very important in our energy systems. It allows us to stay in the place where we are supposed to be, so that energy can flow harmonically with what we are aligned to handle at that time.

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