The Ravens of antimony or Arskasa Ona is my alphabet of desire, which acts as an alphabet of reusable sigils that can be used to manifest one’s will. Each one of these sigils is linked to a servitor that represents, and that has control over a certain aspect. By calling upon, and interacting with these entities, and their sigils. You will be able to bring the energies of the Ravens into your practice, and life.

Invoking the energies of the ravens:

One can call upon the energies of whatever raven they specifically want to invoke by writing out the sigil of that raven, or by chanting, or pronouncing out the name of the raven. That will bring the energy of that raven to your side allowing them to aid you in whatever you want to manifest. They can do this by adding energy to your spells, and rituals, or by simply going forth, and acting out your will. In order to do this one may call upon the raven they request aid from, and declare their desire to that energy, so that when they activate, or send out their intention the energy of the raven can go forth, and add to it. These sigils do not necessarily have to be charged, because they hold energy from many previous magickal interactions, but by charging the ravens’ sigils you will be able to add more energy into your magickal working allowing it to have more energy to manifest with. These sigils will be able to be activated through active activation by calling upon a raven, and sending them out. A way you can do this is by drawing the sigil, telling the sigil what you want either through charging it with energies that represent what you want to bring forth, or by simply speaking, or thinking your intention, and then destroying the sigil, so that it can be released, and bring forth your desire. You could also go through the act of passive activation by placing a raven’s sigil in a place where you would want the energies to be able to permeate your life, or be close to what you want it to affect in order to help you achieve your desire. In this process you may also tell it what you want, so that it can focus better on manifesting what you are looking for.

Some examples of certain situations that certain ravens can be used in:

  • LUST (E) | Sexual desire, Fertility, money, wealth, Cursing
  • PASSION (U) | Love, Passion, Fertility, Productivity, Perseverance
  • DEVOTION (Æ)(A’) | Focus, Awareness, attraction, Love, Passion
  • PREJUDICE (TA) | Focus, Awareness, Attraction
  • ANGER (HA) | Cursing, dispel angry
  • MISUNDERSTANDING (RA) | Understanding
  • SKILL (A) | Success, Studying, Victory
  • MIGHT (I) | self-assurance, Confidence, Strength, Courage
  • ASCENDANCY (O) | Success, Victory
  • CHAOS (KA) | Cursing, balance, stability
  • PANIC (ȜA) (Gha) | Cursing, anxiety, nightmares
  • HORROR (þA) (Tha) | Cursing, nightmares
  • DARKNESS (SA) | Cursing, Protection
  • CONNECTION (LA) | Friendship, Balance, Healing, Purification, Stability
  • LIGHT (MA) | Joy, Fruitfulness, Happiness, Exorcism, Purification, Cheerfulness
  • WISDOM (AR) | Peace of Mind, Intuition, Meditation, Spiritual Growth, Wisdom
  • KNOWLEDGE (JA) | Understanding, Memory, Meditation, Studying, Spiritual Growth, Memory
  • LOGIC (NA) | Understanding, Decision Making, Meditation, Studying, Mental Agility
  • BINDING (BA) | Grounding, Binding, Loyalty
  • WARDING (GA) | Warding, Protection
  • PROTECTION (CA) | Protection
  • INSANITY (ZA) | Cursing, anxiety, nightmares
  • ILLUSION (QA) | Peace of Mind, Beauty, invisibility
  • FANTASY (FA) | Peace of Mind, Creativity, Beauty, Enhancing dreams
  • ENERGY (KNA) | psychic powers, psychic vision, spiritual enhancement, energy
  • LIFE (SKA) | Spiritual Growth, personal power, removing obstacles, self confidence
  • HEALTH (SHA) | Healing, Purification
  • CORRUPTION (ACK) | Cursing, Possession, Binding, Persuasiveness
  • DEATH (ABT) | Purification, Breaking Habits, Exorcism, endings
  • BANISHMENT (ARD) | Purification, Breaking Habits, Exorcism, curse-breaking
  • PAIN (PA) | Cursing, overcome the pain
  • EXPERIENCE (DA) | Travel, Spiritual Growth, removing obstacles
  • ENLIGHTENMENT (XA) | Spiritual Growth, personal power, self confidence
  • UNKNOWN (YA) | invisibility
  • RELEASE (VA) | Purification, Travel, removing obstacles
  • REBIRTH (WA) | beginnings, rebirth, renewal

Combining the energy of the Ravens together:

Multiple ravens can be called upon at the same time, so that their energies can work together. This can be used to increase the overall effectiveness of the ravens by allowing them to work together, and to create new and interesting energies. In order to allow them to work together all you have to do is invoke them together, and then go through the same process of activating them just like you did when it was just one raven. Different combinations of energy is will allow the ravens to work towards different types of desires. It’s all about choosing the right ravens for the job, so you can allow them to manifest what you want. In order to learn these different combinations you will probably have to learn the different aspects of each Raven and how they work, so that you will be able to use them to better manifest certain energies.

Some examples of the raven’s coming together to form different energies:





SKILL (A) + MIGHT (I) + ASCENDANCY (O) + ENERGY (KNA) = EXALTED (AIOKNA) (using order to raise power of already existing energies)



By writing out Ravens on cards or stones you will be able to create a form of divination practice. It works pretty much exactly like runes, and tarot cards. Where  the ravens’ sigils will be drawn at random, and will be answered depending upon what raven you draw for what question. The answer will be based upon the meaning of the raven, and will depend upon what raven is drawn for what question along with how it is positioned either upright, or inverted. Ravens that are inverted will give off the exalted and disparaged version of the meaning of the raven that is inverted.


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