The process of destroying your thought form can be brought on for many different reasons from simply being finished with the reason that you created them to them going rogue, and getting out of your control. Knowing how to destroy thought forms can be very helpful in these situations and should be something every practitioner that works with thoughtforms should know in case they ever have to go through the process of destroying one of their thoughtforms.

Built-in destruction:

When going through the process of creating your thoughtform you are able to program in kill switches that when triggered will self-destruct your thoughtform. These can be incredibly useful in providing a quick, and easy way for your thought form to be destroyed, if certain parameters are reached that you do not intend, or as a way to clean them up after a certain point after you know you will be done with them. In order to instill these in to your thoughtform during the creation process all you have to do is intend them in, much like you would a name, attribute, or personality trait. These kill switches can be set up as specific times, such as giving your thoughtform a week after they are created in order to exist, or accomplish their goal, once the time limit is reached they will be terminated. You can also set up your thoughtform to have kill switches that are based around specific phrases. These phrases should be something that are usually never utter, so that the thoughtform is not accidentally destroyed. These phrases can be literally anything and will usually be programed to only be activated when the creator of the thoughtform utters the phrase. You could also use the completing of their objective (if they have one) as a kill switch allowing them to complete their objective then be destroyed, and returned back to the energy they were naturally. One of the more useful for kill switches is to program it to trigger when they go into a roguelike state preventing this roguelike state from causing any problems, or harm. Many of these kill switches can be very useful depending upon what you’re going for, so it is important to select one that would be is inline with your needs.

Items that are connected, or are of the thoughtform:

Items such as the housing, the sigil, artistic representations, or anything else that is connected or represents the thoughtform must be taken into consideration when going through the destruction process. These things will have to be destroyed as well, or at least cleansed, because they may allow the thoughtform to regenerate, and come back from destruction. These items can do this because they hold energy, and some intention of the thoughtform, which could facilitate the re-creation. These items may also even accidentally make you recreate the thoughtform by reminding you of it which may bring you to refocus on it and give it energy, which may make it possible for it to regenerate back into the world.

Forgetting the thoughtform:

After you go through the process of destroying your thoughtform you should forget, and not think incessantly about them, so that you do not go through the process of accidentally creating them again. If the thoughtform is also known by more than one person, the other person that is not the creator could end up also starting the re-creation process by thinking about it, and accidentally giving that intention energy, so it is also important for them to forget about it, and to not keep it in their mind. This process will be harder the more people know about the thoughtform, so well known about servitors, and tulpas may become quite hard to destroy, and that would make intendedly created egregores, and godforms probably near impossible to destroy that are connected to large groups. This would be because they would be feeding off of the energy, and intentions of those groups, and would simply regenerate, and with so many people as factors it would be very unlikely for them on to go through the forgetting process.

How to destroy a thoughtform manually:

1) The first thing you must do is find a quiet position where you will not be disturbed so you can focus on destroying your thoughtform. To this spot you should also bring all the things that you have that are connected, or are of the thoughtform, so that you will also be able to destroy them.

2) Once you are in this position you should enter an altered state of consciousness so that you will be better connected with the thoughtform. Next go through the process of calling your thoughtform to you by simply calling out to it, and asking it to appear to you. You may also be able to have a better connection to your thought form if you are holding or interacting with its housing. Wait for it to appear to you and your mind’s eye so you can begin your interaction.

3) See your thought form in your mind’s eye as well as you can, then declare to it that you are going to destroy it. This will allow you to get your intention to destroy the thought-form started. once you have declared your intention visualize the thoughtform breaking down, and returning back to the energy that it was naturally. See it slowly being destroyed as you will its energy to disperse, and break down.

4) Once you feel that you have broken it down sufficiently you can send that energy into the earth to be cleansed. Once you’re done with that know that the thoughtform has been destroyed, and that its energies have been recycled into the Earth. At this point in time is where you would destroy, or cleanse any items that are related, or connected to the thought-form. After that the forgetting process can now begin, and you should go about keeping the thoughtform out of your mind to not give energy, and intention back to it. With all that done you can go on your way knowing that your thoughtform has been destroyed.

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