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Month: December 2017

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Some laws of magick

Some laws that I believe should be added to the laws of magick. original post: The Law Of Contiguity: The law of contiguity is a law that states; Constructs that are close together, and that are linked by time, and/or space have power over each other. This is a sub law of the law of association. The Law Of Continuous […]

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Unverified Personal Experience, or UPE: A Unverified Personal Experience, or UPE is an experience in which has not been verified, or confirmed by any other source besides the person who experienced it. Unverified Shared Personal Experience, Shared Personal Experience , USPE, or SPE: A Unverified Shared Personal Experience, Shared Personal Experience , USPE, or SPE for short is an experience […]

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The Subtle Bodies Of The Soul

All of these bodies exist within each other, and are part of the overarching being of the entity that possesses them. Entities are made out of multiple different spiritual subtle bodies that extend over many different planes of existences, and dimensions. Each one of these bodies exist within a different space, but they all have their own purposes, and functions […]

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Basics Of Viadescioism

Introduction: This will be a basic overview of the beginning of my understanding of what Viadescioism is, and will become, so this is by no means all of the understandings and practices of Viadescioism. Viadescioism is my personal school of thought. It is a philosophy that is an amalgam of different understandings, and beliefs, and is the primary way in […]

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Planes Of Existence

This is a reconstruction on one of my earlier post, because I feel like I may have new information on this subject. This is a post that will be going over the different planes of existences, along with setting up a universal map that will show the planes of existence is in relation to each other. There are many different […]