This will be a basic overview of the beginning of my understanding of what Viadescioism is, and will become, so this is by no means all of the understandings and practices of Viadescioism.

Viadescioism is my personal school of thought. It is a philosophy that is an amalgam of different understandings, and beliefs, and is the primary way in which I go about understanding the world. In this post I will explain what viadescioism is, so that the philosophy can be known, and worked upon. Viadescioism is very personal to me (the Wolf Of Antimony), and is full of the understandings that I’ve come to know as reliable, and true. Hopefully you will find this philosophy interesting, if nothing else.

Etymology Of Viadescioism:

The word viadescioism comes from the latin word “via” meaning road, way, highway, or path, the Latin word “de” meaning “of” , and the Latin word “scio” meaning knowledge, while being combined with the suffix of -ism implying a practice, system, or doctrine. This makes the word viadescioism literally come out to the path of knowledge. The word viadescioism is pronounced vī-ah-de-shi-oh-ism. The individual who practices viadescioism would be known as a viadescioist.

Basics Of Viadescioism:

Viadescioism is a new age, spiritualist, philosophy of balance, understanding, and knowledge. It is a philosophy that is open minded, and is able to be individualize by its practitioners. This philosophes main goal is bettering the individuals knowledge, and ethical values through balance, and understanding, while also allowing them to better understand the world around them, and to come in contact with truths, while inciting growth, and fulfillment. Viadescioism allows the individual to think in a certain way about the metaphysics of the universe, and about ethical quandaries to hopefully make their views more balanced, and knowledgeable overall. Viadescioism is a philosophy that encourages eclecticism, and syncreticism, so that a practitioner that practices it can gain knowledge from everywhere they need to, and can use that knowledge to better themselves, and maybe even the world around them. Viadescioism holds no form of exclusivism, and allows anyone to join, if they wish to take on the understandings of viadescioism for themselves. Viadescioism can also be connected to any other school of thought, beliefs system, or even religion. Viadescioism also focuses on helping the viadescioist achieve forms of self-realization, self-knowledge, and fulfillment.

Religious Side Of Viadescioism:

The viadescioist should also practice omnism, and should have a high respect for all religions, and practices, but can focus on one, non, or a multitude of any of them, if the viadescioist are so inclined to move their focus. Omnism allows the practitioner to gain understanding of other belief systems, and the knowledge, and understandings that they may hold allowing them to transcend certain paradigms. Viadescioism understands that there are many different paths to the divine, and all pass will eventually come to the same conclusion. The viadescioist can choose if they are a theist, or not, and can interact with deity in their own way, but the individual should keep their focus on knowledge, eudaimonia, enlightenment, and meaning rather than focusing on carrying out dogma.

Metaphysics Of Viadescioism:

Substance In Viadescioism:

Viadescioism understands the whole of existence from a monism perspective. This means that everything can be broken down into one ultimate unit, or construct. This being the all, existence, the mind, the universe, god, source, energy, or anything else that could be used as a name for the whole. This makes up everything, is everything, and is present in everything. This does not fight against the dualism of viadescioism, but it is simply a different perspective on the same thing.

The dualism of viadescioism means that the universe is split up in to two forces, and energies usually referred to as yin, and yang, or masculine, and feminine energies. These energies work with each other in order to facilitate a dynamic balance in the universe. They do not oppose each other, or fight against each other, but much rather work with each other. This Dualism does not represent “good” and “evil”, or the social understandings of gender. Viadescioism does not subscribe to the concepts of “Good”, and “Evil”, because of the subjectivity of both of these concepts.

In viadescioism existence can also be understood through pluralism, allowing multiple things to make up, and to work together in order to form the whole of existence. There are as many pluralistic systems as there are ways to separate, or categorize the world, and all the systems can be used to understand how everything works from their unique perspectives, and are important to understand, and to keep in mind. None of these pluralistic systems will fight against the understandings of Viadescioism, as long as they are not subjective in nature.

In viadescioism monism, dualism, and pluralism all coexist at the same time, and from different perspectives. They do not fight against each other but work intangent to facilitate existence, and understanding.

Viadescioism has the understanding of transcendental idealism which states that the individual’s experience, and perception of things are mere representations of the mind. Anything that is known is only known through the understanding of the mind, and the mind’s laws, and that nothing has an independent existence apart from our thoughts. Though outer things in space, and time are also thought to exist, they are shadows of the mind perceiving them, and can never truly be known, and are only manifestations of our sense perception, and mental capability.

Viadescioism has the understanding of conceptualism, or nominalism which states that universals are not real mind-independent entities.

Viadescioism has the understanding of philosophical spiritualism which understands there is some inmaterial and/or a transcendental reality that is beyond the materialistic interpretations of reality whether this be representative of  a universal mind, or spiritual energetic force.

Viadescioism has the understanding of pantheism. Pantheism in viadescioism is based around the understanding of divinity being everything, and everything being divinity, and that source is all-encompassing, and ever present. Also because of this viadescioism has the understanding of autotheism meaning that everyone is source, and in some way divine.

Free Will In Viadescioism:

Viadescioism understands the concept of incompatibilism which states that a deterministic universe and a free will universe are not compatible with each other, and that only one of these understandings can be held by an individual.

Viadescioism follows the understanding of hard determinism especially emergentism (or generativism) which does state that free will does not exist, and that everything is determined upon other cause, and effect events that have been in motion since the beginning, or since forever. This means that every event is deterministic though it may be incredibly complex. One event will bring on factors that will then go on to trigger another event, and it will continue on like this forever allowing everything to be predetermined upon the events before it. An event will be determined by multiple factors that will most likely be very complicated, and will extend on seemingly forever. The illusion of free will may be embraced in moral situations in order to determine responsibility, so that the subjectivity of one’s morals can be based on a more direct constant.

Viadescioism has the understanding of metaphysical objectivism which tells that objects will have certain qualities that will always be able to be known regardless of subjective interaction. Objective objects will also always exists even outside the perception of an entity.

Viadescioism has the understanding of spiritual naturalism which is a combination of understanding the world from a spiritual, and scientific means. This understanding has the idea that everything is natural and can be studied using natural methods allowing us to be scientifically, and spiritually minded without throwing out one or the other, so that we can learn more from different places, and gain new understandings, while keeping both ways of how to look at the world. this will allow the world’s of matter, and energy to come together to find new understandings without belittling without belittling each other.

Modality in Viadescioism:

Viadescioism has the understanding of possibilism which states the understanding that there are constructs that do not, in fact, exist but which could have existed. This understanding is in direct opposition to actualism.

Viadescioism has the understanding of  modal realism which has the understanding that possible worlds do exist, and are as real as our world. The words “real world” will always be in reference to the present, or the most denoted world, and will be based on the context in which it is said.

Cosmology In Viadescioism:

Viadescioism has the understanding of emanationism which tells that all constructs come from a higher vibration of source, fall in vibration, and will eventually return to that source.

Time In Viadescioism:

Viadescioism has the understanding of eternalism which understands that past, present, and future are all equally real, and exist. This allows the universe to have a different set of events that are in different present moments.

Viadescioism has the understanding of four-dimensionalism which states that an object’s persistence through time can be likened to its extension through space. This means that all objects have temporal parts that are present at different points throughout time that it occupies, and that time is another dimension in space-time in which can be traveled.

Identity In Viadescioism:

Viadescioism holds the understanding of perdurantism which teaches that individuals have distinct temporal parts throughout the whole of their existence, and that the whole of them does not endure throughout time, but will much rather change, and persist with different temporal parts. This means that you are not passed you, and you are not future you though all of these are you persisting through time in the region in which you exist. This understanding makes all objects four dimensional, and will allow them to persist through time with the temporal parts that are relating two other temporal parts of themselves.

Meaning In Viadescioism:

Viadescioism also practice is existentialism which allows the individual to go searching for their own subjective meaning, so that the viadescioist does not succum to nihilism, and will give there  subjective meaning to their experience, and the world around them. The meaninglessness of the universe should be accepted, and understood, so that an individual can work with it, and move past it to create their own subjective meaning. Subjective meaning is an important part of existence, but the only thing that will assign that subjective meaning, is the individual. Viadescioism does not subscribe to in inherent meaning, and because of this Viadescioism does not work with essentialism.

Epistemology In Viadescioism:

Viadescioism has the understanding of solipsism which tells that the only thing that is a hundred percent knowable is that you exist, and that everything else could be technically put under scrutiny, but that should not stop us from going out in learning more, and from understanding certain paradigms. Especially because viadescioism also has the understanding of contextualism.

Viadescioism has the understanding of contextualism which breaks down the understanding of knowledge into two categories everyday knowledge, and philosophical knowledge that both rely heavily upon the context in which they are used. The truth value of a statement will change based on the context in which it is used. This allows there to be knowledge based on certain situations, so that the viadescioist does not fall into absolute skepticism in an ordinary context based on higher philosophical knowledge such as the viadescioic understanding of solipsism, and will allow them to deny certain things in certain situations, so that they can understand all forms of truth, and knowledge through everyday, and philosophical means. This allows the aspect of knowing something to depend on the context in which it is used.

The philosophy of viadescioism prefers critical thinking, reason, and evidence brought through rationalism, or empiricism without falling into scientism, and/or positivism, and while relying on other systems of understanding. Viadescioism does practice evidentialism, the notion that no belief should be held unless it is supported by evidence, but this evidence does not have to be proposed only scientifically, and can be from other systems of understanding, but must be reasonable, and logical in nature. Belief, and faith can be held, but never blind faith. Belief, and faith should both be reasonable, and should never be placed in situations where they do not make sense, and should still be based in a form of reason.

Ethics In Viadescioism:

Viadescioism practices cognitivism which states that meta-ethical views do have truth values though this truth value will be subjective in nature. This also makes the use of “good”, and “bad” statements as a more form of opinion rather than objective fact. Statements that express moral, and ethical value will be true for the subject, but not the objective reality.

Viadescioism practices the understanding of ethical subjectivism which holds the understanding that there are no objective moral properties, and that ethics are primarily based on attitudes, opinions, and personal preferences by the person who is perceiving them. Not allowing anything to be objectively “good” or objectively “evil”, but still able to hold a truth value though it will be a subjective one.

Viadescioism also will practice a form of ethical individualism which states only the individual can decide what is right in their eyes, and that there is no external force that can truly decide if it is right, or not. This does not mean to fall into a state of egoism, or altruism, but to rather balance both of them at your leisure when the situation calls for it.

Viadescioism understands right, and wrong from a moral relativism, or ethical relativism standpoint which states the understanding that moral, and ethical correctness come from a social, cultural, historical, or a form of personal circumstances. This is also a form of moral anti-realism. This is also connected to the understanding of cultural relativism which states that certain things will be “right”, or “wrong” based on the culture in which they appear. An individual can only do what is morally right to their own subjective being, though an individual that is part of a group may have a code of ethics, laws, or rules that will be seen as morally right to the fundamental nature of the group, and will usually be abided by in order to keep clear of consequences that they might provoke. These ethical codes, laws, and rules are still subjective in their own being, but will play an important part on the individual’s morals, and anyone else who chooses to adopt their understandings. The understanding of moral relativism, and cultural relativism does not mean that you have to tolerate the behavior of another, but will allow you to gain understanding of them. Moral relativism, or ethical relativism also does not override ethical individualism, but will help to shape that individual based on relative factors of their environment much rather than being dictated by their environment.

Aesthetics In Viadescioism:

Everything is beautiful in its own special way, but this beauty is subjective, and is completely determined by the individual who is viewing, and interacting with that piece. Art will be anything that invoke some form of emotion, and something will be aesthetically pleasing when that art involves emotions that feel subjectively “good”. What the artist gets from their art may be different from what the audience gets from their art. There is no purpose to art besides the purpose that the artist, and the audience give it.

Viadescioism has the understanding of non-formalism which holds the understanding that inherent things outside the artwork such as the reason for its creation, the historical background, and the life of the artist is just as important as what the art contains, adding inherent meaning, and understanding to the work.

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