This is a reconstruction on one of my earlier post, because I feel like I may have new information on this subject. This is a post that will be going over the different planes of existences, along with setting up a universal map that will show the planes of existence is in relation to each other. There are many different planes of existences, and these planes of existences are different milestones in vibrational frequencies as it increases upwards, starting here in the physical, and rising to the divine monad. By understanding this you’ll be able to comprehend the various different parts of the universe, and how they connect together.

Physical plane, earthly plane, or material plane:

The physical plane of existence is the existence that we have come to know. It is the densest plane of existence which vibrates at the slowest frequency. The physical plane is home to all of the physically incarnated entities which reside there. The physical plane may be very mundane to us, but it is a very beautiful plane that can allow an entity to learn, grow, and experience individual experiences. This is the plane of matter, material, and physicality. This is the place where the 4 classic elements manifest themselves into a physical form, and all the energy from above finds rest. This is connected to malkuth on the qabalistic tree of life. This plane of existence also does exist within a 3rd dimensional space.

The veil, or the lower veil:

The veil is the first spiritual separator that leads to the higher planes of existences. This barrier can be passed through in order to reach, and communicate with these planes. This veil can get thinner in places where there is liminality. By passing through this Veil you enter the other planes of existences, and will become connected, and aware of these other parts of you, that are more than your physical body.

Etheric plane, or the inbetween:

The etheric plane is the first spiritual plane of existence. This is the place where ghost, and nature spirits that are greatly connected to the physical plane exist. This is also the plane of existence you connect to when you meditate, or enter an altered state of consciousness. This is also the plane of existence where dreams take place, and the energy centers of the physical body are located. The etheric plane has the most dense non physical energy, and is very deeply connected to the physical. This Plane of existence also extends on to the other side of the veil, and does meet, and mixed with the higher parts of the physical plane. The etheric plane is the foundation of the physical world, and flows through it, and is greatly connected to it. This is connected to yesod on the qabalistic tree of life. This plane of existence does exist within a 3rd dimensional space, though time has also been known to become warped here.

Astral plane, or emotional plane:

The astral plane of existence is the next spiritual plane of existence after the etheric plane. The astral plane in general is where our consciousness resides between lifetimes, and it said to be the place where we go when we die, after we cross over the veil, and our etheric body dissipates. All of the astral plane is highly connected to emotional energy, and can even be shaped by it. it is also the place in which practitioners astral project, and astral travel to. The astral plane is connected to hod on the qabalistic tree of life, and does exist within a 4th dimensional space. This plane of existence is also usually separated into three sub planes known as the low, middle, and high astral. The low astral has the densest of spiritual energies for the astral planes, and is said to be home to more negative, or dark entities. The middle astral plane is the neutral ground between the higher, and lower astral planes. This place is where most of the astral entities can be found, and is a good combination between both of the higher, and lower astral planes. The high astral is said to be home to more positive entities, or beings of light. This part of the astral plane is said to be extremely beautiful, and awe inspiring, and has even been compared to heaven, or summerland. This place is the very last part of the astral before ascending into the mental plane.

Mental plane, lower mental plane, lower manas, or manasic plane:

The mental plane is a plane of consciousness, and thought. In this plane you are connected to the universal consciousness. On this plane things are created, and manifested through consciousness. communication is also instantaneous on this plane of existence, and communication between all things is clear, and open through the power of one’s thought, and consciousness. This is the first plane where you can consciously reconnect to the overall collective consciousness of all beings. The mental plane is connected to netzach on the qabalistic tree of life, and does exist in a 5th dimensional space.

The second veil, middle veil, veil of nephthys, or the veil of paroketh:

This is the second spiritual Veil that separates the mental plane from the higher spiritual planes of existence. In order to pass through this veil you must ascend and retake control of your higher self.

Causal plane, higher mental plane, or higher manas:

This is the place where your higher self resides. In this plane of existence you become your higher self, and are connected to all your incarnations. From here you are connected to all things that are you, and all of the furthest parts of your soul. This is the place where you come together with all your memories, understandings, and information that makes you, you. This is a place of connection between you, and everything else in existence. From here you are aware of yourself, and are a separate entity, while also being here you are aware of your divineness, and your overall connection to existence, and source. This is also the first plane of existence where form gives way to formlessness, and you become ascended into a new state of being. This plane of existence is connected to tiferet on the qabalistic tree of life, and does exist within a 5th dimensional space.

Akashic plane, or the neutral plane:

The Akashic plane is a plane of information that can be accessed by your higher self. From here you can unlock or perceive information from throughout the Universe. It is a place of knowledge, learning, and wisdom, and also acts as an archive for the entire universe. What is saved here is everything from the known universe. All the knowledge one could ever want. Recorded, and documented by the energies that were present at the time. Giving all possible views, standpoints, and outlooks on all subjects. It is a place where you can look, and understand your own karmic destiny, so that you will be able to walk your path more clearly, and be able to interact, and learn from experiences. This Plane of existence is connected to gevurah on the kabbalistic tree of life, and This Plane of existence does exist within a 6 dimensional space.

Buddhic plane, intuitional plane, or unity Plane:

In the buddhic plane your ego is stripped away and you become combined with the all of existence. You combine, and connect with all beings, all places, and all energies. You begin to come less of an individual. This is also the place where ones spiritual will resides. This will be the last plane of existence were you will be an individual, and will have perception of the self. This is the first place where new souls take form, and actually properly exist in some shape, or form. For them it is the beginning of their individuality, and their first complete separation from source. This plane of existence is connected to chesed on the qabalistic tree of life, and this plane does exist within the 7th dimension.

The third veil, the higher veil, veil of isis, or the abyss:

This is the veil that separates you from connecting to the higher planes of existences. In order to pass through this veil of existence you must separate from your individual self to become one with existence. Being very close to this veil allows you to gain much knowledge of existence, while also being able to keep your individual being. This is connected to da’at on the qabalistic tree of life.

Atmic plane, nirvanic plane, or spiritual plane:

This is a place where the confines of the soul no longer exist, and there is no more you. This is the plane of the pure spirit, and is said to be the place of self-realization. This is the place where you as yourself is annihilated, but transmuted into the true spiritual self. This is also where the monad gets life breathed into it, and also begins to build up energy, and the concept of form is given to the new souls. This plane of existence is very connected to feminine, and yin energy. This Plane of existence is connected to binah on the qabalistic tree of life, and is present in an 8th dimensional space.

Anupādaka plane, or monadic plane:

This is the plane where the monad, holy spirit, or oversoul does exist. This is the plane where the spark of source is used to create souls, and the rest of the facets of the existence. This is the plane of existence where the pure energy from the adi plane becomes directed, and focused.

These monads will project themselves downwards into the lower planes of existences creating, and beginning new souls. The soul will be everything that extends from the monad. The soul is the individual subsection of the monad, and will go forth to lower planes of existence to exist and experience. This Plane of existence is very connected to masculine, and yang energy. This is connected to chokmah on the qabalistic tree of life, and does exist in a 9th dimensional space.

Adi Plane, logoic plane, divine plane, or the unknown:

This is the crown of the universe, and is the highest point of source. It is a point of unity, and divinity. It also encapsulates everything that exists, and is the place where the divine monad for everything is present. This is the plane of being, where everything that is anything is, and there exists an unlimited unmanifested potential of energy, and consciousness. It is said what is on this plane is undescribable, and is something that stretches through all space-time, and reality itself. This plane of existence is said to be the place of the divine monad, and the logos. This plane encloses, and interpenetrates all of existence, and is the beginning point of creation, and the divine essence of existence. This is connected to keter on the qabalistic tree of life, and does exist in a 10th dimensional space.


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