All of these bodies exist within each other, and are part of the overarching being of the entity that possesses them. Entities are made out of multiple different spiritual subtle bodies that extend over many different planes of existences, and dimensions. Each one of these bodies exist within a different space, but they all have their own purposes, and functions that allow the entity to interact with their  perception and surroundings. In this post I will go over the many different bodies that make up an entity’s soul, and overall being. Knowing the subtle bodies and how they work together will give you knowledge on how an entity goes through the act of persisting through existence, and can be quite helpful in understanding the metaphysics of the universe, and of entities themselves.

Physical body, or Material body:

Your physical body is the body that you have come to know. It is physical and dents and is present in the physical plane of existence. This body is gained when you incarnate physically, and is lost when you die, and your etheric body leaves it. This body can interact with the physical world that it is apart of, and is capable of having very individual experiences. This body is mortal, and can die, and is limited by its perception of its physical senses. Your physical body is affected by all the other bodies, the etheric body providing it with spiritual energy, the astral body providing it with desires, and emotions, and the mental body providing it with consciousness, mind, thought, and memory.

Etheric body, Etheric Double, or Vital body:

The Etheric body is the first spiritual body. Everything that exists in the physical plane has an etheric body that is an exact replica of the denser physical body, this even includes inanimate objects. This is where all the spiritual energy that flows through the physical does exist. Etheric bodies must be bound, or grounded to objects, places, or people in order to stay at that frequency so they can exist in the etheric plane for an extended period of time. This body is also still technically mortal, and will cease to exist without energy, and/or grounding in the physical plane. This body is also used during dreaming, deep meditation, and journeying. During a dream state the etheric body does not leave the physical body, but does perceive, and interact with projections, though skilled practitioners can also separate their etheric body from their physical body in a process that is known as etheric projection. Etheric bodies that are separated from the physical body are still very attached to it, and can only move so far away from it, before it is snapped back.

The etheric body is grounded to the physical plane of existence by your physical body, and will be released from this binding when you die. Once the physical body dies, and the etheric body is released it may not cross over the veil immediately, and may stay in the etheric plane to stay close to the physical plane as a ghost. The etheric body needs to be grounded to the physical plane in order to remain at that vibrational frequency, because of this ethic bodies that are detached from the physical body begin to deteriorate, and lose energy until they are forced to pass over, and into their astral body.

This body also distributes spiritual energy through your physical body from your energy centers, and energetic pathways, which are a part of it. The etheric body animates, and gives life to the physical body through this energy that it is made out of. The etheric body also will transmit impressions from the physical body to the astral and mental body, so that they will be able to interact with certain stimuli.

By interacting with the etheric body you can affect the physical one. Energetic healing works on this body in order to heal it so that it will be able to affect your physical body. It is thought that phantom limb syndrome is caused by the etheric body. This is because the removal of the limb does not remove the corresponding etheric limb which will still receive stimuli.

Astral body, Astral Double, Kâmic body, Desire Body, Sentient Body, and Emotional Body:

Once you pass over, and raise your vibration, or after your etheric body deteriorates you will find yourself in the astral plane with your astral body. This Astral body is also used in out of body experiences, and astral projection. The astral body can traverse the astral plane, and is able to explore the low, middle, and high of it. This body is completely free, and can go as far away from the body as it wants. In this body you are able to move as fast as you are able to think, and can even perceive, and move along linear time itself, this is due to the fact that this body exists within the 4th dimension. the astral body you will be able to manifest things from thought allowing you to bring your desires, and intentions into the astral plane quickly. This body also has energy centers that connect up with your energy centers from the etheric body, which will allow spiritual energy to flow between the two bodies.

This is the spiritual body of emotion, and desire, that is connected to your physical body with a silver cord. This body has dominion over emotions, desires, and the psychic abilities. All emotions, and desire that one exerts from the simple to the complicated are expressed here. The silver cord is to connect you to your physical body so that, if your astral body gets separated from your physical body it can return to it.

The astral body is still technically mortal, and can die, once this body dies you are sent into the mental plane, or the casual plane to reconnect with your higher self, unless you are presently incarnated into a physical form. Then the silver cord will bring you back to your physical body, if your astral body is destroyed, or killed while projecting, so the body will have a safe place to reform.

The astral body is usually a reflection of your physical, and etheric body, though this form is easily manipulated, and changed through thought, and desire. Allowing intentions to change the appearance of the astral body at will, and because of this the astral body is very fluid.

Mental body, Intellectual Body, or Concrete Mind:

The mental body is where thought, and consciousness does exist for the lower part of an entity. This body allows the entity to be able to perceive, process, and transmit information, and is very connected to the understandings that provide one knowledge. This body also acts as a storage device for memories, and information until they can be integrated into your casual body. The mental body is seen as separate from the brain, though the mental body is very connected to it, and expresses itself through it. The appearance of the mental body is said to change depending upon what type of mental processing is going on. This body is immortal, and cannot die, and will be lost when you ascend into your casual body. This body is gained when your casual body chooses to make a mental projection in order to descend into the mental plane. The ascending of your mental body into your casual body will pass over your experiences, and knowledge that you have gained from the incarnations that you have had in this projection to your higher self. This mental body can communicate with other mental bodies through telepathy by interacting with the thoughts, and consciousness of the other entity, and is also the place where thought forms are created from an individual’s being.

Causal body, Higher Mental Body, Abstract Mind, or Higher Self:

After you ascend upwards back to your higher self you will retake control of your casual body on the Casual plane. This is the you that has had all the experiences of the projections that have been sent down into the lower planes of existences. This is the higher mental body, and is the place of higher consciousness, and abstract thought. This is also the place where the ego resides, and is the place where one refers to themselves as separate for the first time on their way down from source. In the casual body you remember all your past lives, interactions, and parts of your being. It is the place that is most greatly connected with the all of you. This body is also able to go into the akashic plane to interact with the akashic records in order to gain information that has been gathered from around the universe.  The causal body has no spatial form, and is formless, and this will continue for the rest of the bodies after it.

Buddhic body:

The buddhic body is connected to the casual body, and the atmic body. This is the first spiritual vehicle that carries the atmic body. This body also connects the higher self to the divine, higher planes of existence, and the universal energy, and consciousness. It is the place where you are connected to everything, and are simply not just the self. It is the body that expands the consciousness outside one’s own being, and separates it from individuality.

Atmic body, Atma, or True Spirit Body:

The atmic body contains the true spirit of the entity. This is the essence which manifests in some way upon all planes, through all aspects of being, that makes up the consciousness, and energy of the entity. This is the you that is pure energy, and is connected to everything, while still holding on to a little bit of individuality.

Monad, or Monadic body:

This is the beginning point of all things that is you, the source of your being, and the starting point of your creation. It is the divine spark that separated you from the rest of the universe in the first place, and perception to start your incarnation process. This is the very top of your being, and is the last place that has some form of essence of you. This is the body that also holds the blueprint for the rest of the bodies that come after it. This is also the source of all consciousness for all of the bodies. It may be super connected to source, but it still contains some individuality, and a single point in which to start expanding outwards.

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