Disclaimer: I (the wolf of antimony) am not responsible for what you choose to do with this information. Use at your own risk.

Cursing is the act of sending out ill will, and negative energy at a construct, or entity, and hopes to do harm, or create misfortune. Curses act as a form of spiritual attack that allows the practitioner to force their will, and power upon another. There are many reasons why one would want to throw a curse from revenge to teaching people life lessons, but it depends on the practitioner’s ethical judgement to decide in what circumstances a curse would be necessary. All these different practitioners that practice cursing have their own ideas, morals, and ethics, and if you believe that you would like to incorporate this into your practice, you will have your own as well. By understanding these practices you can not only learn how to do them, but you can also learn how to prevent them, and to break them. You will have an understanding  of the processes that it takes for them to be carried out, and you will achieve an overall higher understanding of what people would perceive as a more negative form of magick. So let’s understand the fundamentals of cursing, and how you would go about it, if you ever decided you were going to cast one.


Before you can choose to curse something, you must have some form of target to lay that curse upon. The target can be anyone, anything, or any place. It is usually not a good idea to curse other practitioners, because they may reverse the curse back to you, and may spiritually attack you back. Which can lead to a form of magickal warfare, which can end badly for everyone involved. It is also good to understand for what reason you are targeting that target in the first place. This will allow you to be more connected to your intention, and to make sure that it is even worth going through with the curse in the first place. Once you have your target, and you understand why you have chosen that target you can move on to the next step.


Once you have someone to curse, it’s time to set your intention for what you want the curse to do.  this can be anything you can imagine that you would like to manifest onto the target. You could use this curse to manifest bad luck, paranoia, depression, laziness, sickness, nightmares, and pain, along with many other manifestations. You can also place in this intention how long you would like the manifestation of this curse to be manifested. This time frame will program the energy to spread out, and effect them over a continuous time frame. You will also be able to set up triggers into the intention, so that the curse will activate when a certain parameter or parameters are met. This would be useful if you wanted it to activate on specific people, who performed a specific action. An example of this would be like cursing a book, so that anyone who opened it would receive the curse. Both of these will allow more control over the curse, and will also allow you to personalize it for different situations. Now that you have what you want the curse to do, and who you want to do it too, you can start the next process of gathering up items.


You are going to need to get some form of taglock of this construct, or entity that you are trying to curse. This will act as a magical link between your magickal working, and the target. Taglocks will be connected to the construct, or entity through name, association, similarity, or contagion. Name taglocks are one of the simplest form and are connected to the name of what you are targeting. It can be any name that is used to represent that construct, or entity such as magickal name, birth name, spirit name, the true name, or any other name that you can think of for it. You can even go through the process of giving what you are trying to curse a name, so that you could use it as a taglock. Taglocks that are connected through association with the target will be able to be used, whether they are associated in contrast, contiguity, or by any other imposed, or imaginary conditions. Taglocks that would work for this would be a person’s favorite color, or animal, or aspect that you associate with them. Taglocks that are connected through similarity are taglocks that reflect the being of the individual construct. Taglocks that would work like this would be a picture, a doll, or an artist representation of the person, or place. A contagion taglock is one that has come in contact with what you are trying to curse, and has some of their energy on it. This can truly be anything that is come in contact with the target from something they have touched once, to their hair or fingernails. There is really a plethora of different things you can probably find to use through this taglock type. Once you have collected one, or multiple of these taglocks you’ll be able to use them in your work, and move on to the next step.

Raising negative energy:

During the curse you’re going to need to raise a lot of negative energy, so that you can then go through the process of programming it, and releasing it. A lot of this energy will be personal energy fueled by your anger, disgust, and hate for the target. You may also want to bring in some other items that may allow you to raise energy such as crystals, herbs, or candles. Good candles for this would be black, or red candles. The crystals that you would want to bring in would be things like obsidian, onyx, and flint, among other things, or any other stones that are black, and/or have aggressive energies. The herbs that you would want to bring in would be things like  chili powder, pepper, onion, rose thorns, or usually plants that have more of a spiciness to them, or that are poisonous (be careful with poison, not recommended). Through visualization you will be able to draw the energy from these objects, and gather it together, so that you will be able to send it out with your intention, to manifest your curse upon your target.

Protecting yourself:

During this entire process you must also remember to protect yourself from the negative energy that you will be raising. You can do this by setting up shields to protect yourself from the negative energy, and to cleanse before, and after the ritual. This will make sure there are no energies beforehand that interact with, and disrupt the curse that you are trying to send out, and the afterwards cleansing will make sure there is no residual negative energy to cause harm to you. It is important to keep yourself safe by sending out curses, so you do not accidentally end up cursing yourself, or interacting with the negative energy in a disharmonic way.

Simple cursing format:

1) Cleanse the area through any cleansing method, then bring your tools, and taglock into the area, and setup a shield around yourself.

2) Begin to raise up energy by focusing on your anger, disgust, and hate for your target, while also chanting, or stating your intention.

3) Focus this intention at the person through the taglock visualize the target in your mind’s eye receiving orders coming to them.

4) Release your negative energy, and intentions towards the target by visualizing them shooting out into the universe to manifest.

5) Once that is done you can undo your shield, and cleanse the area again of leftover negative energy.


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