There are many ways to go about connecting a sigil to a specific target, so that you would be able to affect the target with the intention of the sigil. This would be useful if you were trying to place your will upon someone, or something. This can be done with pretty much any sigil that has an intention that does not target something specifically. This would be like if you had a Sigil for protection, and wanted to use the sigil to protect a specific person. This understanding allows you to connect your sigil to them, so that when you activated it will target them.


Using the name of the target in the intention is one way you can go about targeting a construct or an entity with your sigil. To do this all you would have to simply do is put the name of what you want to affect in the statement of intention that you used to create the sigil. The statement of intent would look something like “John is protected”. You could also use the targets name by writing it near or upon the sigil, so that you would be able to use that as a magickal link, allowing you to focus the energy, and intention of the sigil upon the target.


One way in which you could target somebody with the effects of a sigil would be to simply draw the sigil on, or near a picture of that person, or place. This picture will allow you to focus on your target for the energy to know what they are seeking out. The picture can be of anything, and whatever is inside it will be targeted by the sigil.


By placing items that are associated with the person or place near, or on top of the sigil. This can be any item that you associate with the target, and can be based on imposed, or imaginary associations.

Contingent Item:

By placing items that have come in contact with the person or place near, or on top of the sigil. This can be any item that has come in contact, or contiguity with the target, and has some of its energy.


You could go through the act of placing the sigil on, or near what it is supposed to target. This will allow it to affect the target through proximity.


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