These are some practices that may be helpful for a closeted practitioners practice, if they want to go through the process of manifesting their desire without anyone noticing.


You could practice sigil magick:

Sigils are very discreet and through the process of sigilization you can create sigils that take the form of doodles, or even of visual pieces of art. You could go to the process of learning to create hyper sigils, and learn to manifest your desire through poetry, fictional stories, and other forms of literature, and art. You could create music or sounds that are sigils that could be listened to, and played on instruments. All of this could be pretty much invisible to anyone else experiencing it, and would just look like forms of artistic expression.

You could practice kitchen magick:

Kitchen magick is very discreet, and by simply understanding ingredients, and the metaphysical properties of those ingredients. You could cook up some truly magickal meals. That would be charged with specific energies, but would still be normal to other people. This would look like you were getting into cooking, and would not be suspicious in the slightest, while also allowing you to manifest your desires through your cooking prowess

You could practice energy work:

You would be able to raise, and send out energy in order to manifest your desires. This would not take any tools, and would be practically unnoticeable to other people. It would also allow you to learn more about energy, and get a good understanding of how it interacts with the world.

You could practice tea magick:

Tea is something that is pretty mundane that could also be used in your magickal practice to work with herbs, and the metaphysical properties that they possess. To everyone else it would look like you are just getting into tea, and would not tell them that you have started pursuing a magickal path. You can learn about the different teas, and what properties are associated with them in order to manifest, and treat your body. You could also pick up the divination of tasseography which would be convenient for you, if you possess tea.

You could practice pop culture magick:

This would be magick that is based around TV shows, video games, movies, books, and more forms of media, and would be perfect to practice if you were a closeted practitioner, because it would simply be disguised by the media that it uses for its manifestation. which would make people think that you are just a big fan of a particular media. All of your magickal tools, and practices could be based around a specific media, and would allow you to connect with your spiritual practice through that medium, even when other people are around.

You could practice crystal magick:

By collecting, and buying crystals, and gemstones you would be able to use their energies in order to manifest specific things into your life. This could be unnoticeable because you could tell people that you were very into some form of crystal, or stone collecting. This would make other people pretty much see it as one of your hobbies, and it probably would not draw attention to itself as a spiritual practice. Especially because most people don’t think of crystals as spiritual objects, and because of that they are pretty unnoticeable when keeping your practice hidden.You would also be able to practice the divination of lithomancy, if you manage to gather up enough crystals.

You could practice thought form creation:

You could go to the process of learning how to create, and work with a thought-form. there would not be very many tools involved besides maybe a Sigil, and housing, and you would be able to communicate with this entity to allow you to manifest your desires. This entity exists on a different plane of existence, so it will be completely unnoticeable to anyone who does who does not know how to perceive that existence.

You could practice knot magick:

Through the process of learning how to tie knots with intention you would be able to manifest your desires through the not set you weave, and your practice would be able to remain completely invisible.

You could practice pendulum dowsing:

This would be a good type of divination to use, because it does not require any tool besides a string with a weighted object at the end of it, and it can be done secretly, and quietly. You could even use a necklace as a form of pendulum, so that you could use it for divination, while it would still be disguised as a necklace.

You could practice meditation:

Meditation could be adapted into your practice, and would be something that you could do unnoticeably. You could meditate before bed by laying down like you were going to sleep, which would give you time to focus your mind without anyone being suspicious that you were doing it. you could even just find a chair to sit in, and close your eyes in order to meditate. You could learn how to Journey meditate, and practice your craft in an astral temple, or sacred space. This would give you a space to practice your craft that would exist within your mindscape, and dreamscape on the etheric, and astral plane.

You could practice dream work:

Dream work is done while you are sleeping, which allows it to be completely unnoticeable, and would allow you to interact, and explore your dreamscape. You would be able to learn how to lucid dream, and would be able to do your magical working in your dreams, allowing you to manifest desires in a space that would not be able to be noticed by others.

You could practice astral projection, and/or astral travel:

When you astral project, or astral travel your body is in a sleep-like or trance state, and because of this it is pretty unnoticeable to others. By doing these practices you will be able to go, and explore the astral plane, and manifest your desires upon those planes, so that it will be able to trickle down in vibration, and affect the physical world.

You can practice candle magick, or substitution candle magick:

Sometimes normal candles can be very unnoticeable depending upon the household that they’re being used in, and how they are being used. something that is even more unnoticeable would be the electric candles, especially if you’re not allowed to have real candles, or burn things in the house, and you can tell people that you like them for mood lighting. Other things that you can substitute in place of candles are things such as sigils, crystals, electronic devices, and thoughtforms.

If you have any more practices that would be good for a closeted witch I would love to hear about them?


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