Daemonism is the act of cultivating your subconscious, or subsets of your subconscious voice in to a mental characterization by assigning it a name, and form. Dæmons are connected to, and are like imaginary friends, but that represents the hidden, and suppress parts of you. They are not separate from you, but are simply another part of you that is hidden, but now is allowed to express itself through a certain persona. Dæmons act as mental companions, friends, the voice of reason, and the devil’s advocate in your mind, and can play a very important part in your life. Somebody that has a dæmon, and practices daemonism is referred to as a dæmian.

The word dæmon comes from the Greek word “daimon” meaning spirit, divinity, god. or supernatural being. When we are using the word dæmon in daemonism we are not referring to spirits, or hellborn demons, and are much rather talking about the concept of dæmons as they appear in daemonism. In order for the word dæmon not to be confused with the other form of the word demon, the word dæmon will usually be pronounced as “Day-mon”. The reason that they are call dæmons in daemonism is, because of dæmianism’s connection to the series His Dark Materials, and is sort of a tribute to the concepts seen in it. His Dark Materials was a trilogy of fantasy novels, and a movie in which daemons were literally physical manifestations of a person’s soul in animal form. This helped to popularize the practice, and the terminology of daemonism. This practice is also connected to the work of psychologist Carl Jung who thought we could learn a lot from listening to our inner voice of our subconscious. He gave us the concept of the “shadow” or “shadow aspect” which were suppressed aspects that everyone possess. Another thing that he gave was the concept of the animus, and the anima. The animus being the hidden masculine part of us, and anima being the hidden feminine part of us.

You will usually choose to have a dæmon, and from that then you can go looking for your subconscious side to unlock it, and give it a name, and a form, so that you can make it your dæmon. Dæmons can also be brought up because of stressful times, and that starting process can begin your journey into dæmianism. The dæmon is a piece of your inner voice, and exist only within your mind. It will first start out as just that little voice that shows up from time to time, but as you acknowledge it and give it its own personality, name, and form, it will eventually become something much greater. It will be an aspect of your subconscious, that is usually hidden from you that you will get to learn more about because of your personification of it. Imaginary friends a lot of the time are also considered to be dæmons, and are usually the first experiences a lot of people have with their daemon. Daemon’s are always with their dæmians, and can never be separated from them, because they are a piece of their subconscious. Dæmians will usually only have one dæmon, though multiples have been reported at times. The dæmon most of the time will take an animal form. It is said this is done because it is usually easier to connect to an animal as a companion than another human, and the animal form will usually symbolize something, that can tell you alot about the daemian, their personality, and the hidden side of them. This is because it is connected to your subconscious, and it will take the form of that best symbolizes the hidden form of yourself based on your knowledge, and experiences.

Once you start working with the dæmon, the demon will eventually reach what is called a settled form, and will have all of its attributes, personality traits, gender, name, and other traits pretty locked into place, if their daemian it’s fixed into their adult personality. This is because the subconscious, and suppressed parts of a child’s experience are a lot more likely to change then an adults, but changes do sometimes occur in certain circumstances. Usually between the ages of 13, and 20 is the time when your demon will be more settled in a specific form rather than the unchanging, and unpredictableness of the younger children’s dæmon. Big life changing events can usually switch the form of the dæmon, and may even change its personality, but these events have to be very impactful, and significant.It has also been noticed that a dæmon will usually have the different, or opposite gender than their dæmian. Dæmians with dæmon that are the same gender are in the minority. Dæmon, and their dæmians also usually have personalities that work well together, and are not too different, and are not exactly the same. Your demon does not automatically start with a name, but it can be given one by you or it will tell you something that fits it from your subconscience. The demon will always have choice in the naming and it will usually come out to something that is pretty unique, and personal.  This name can also be use in order to separate your voice from their voice, by referring to their voice as the name.

A dæmian will only be able to see their demon in their imagination, and would be able to project that image onto the physical world, so that they could see them in real time. Nobody else is able to interact with a dæmon besides the dæmian that the dæmon belongs to. This is because the dæmon exists within the mindscape of the dæmian, and does not have a physical, or energetic form. The dæmian will also be able to talk to their demon much like they are talking to themselves allowing them to get insight on their subconscious, and allowing them to recall information they might have almost forgotten. Everyone has a dæmon, and everyone can find their demon. It is just a matter of if you want to unlock that part of yourself.

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