Before you partake in energy work it is important to charge, and open the energy centers in your hands. This will allow energy to flow through your hands better making it easier to direct, project, and absorb energy in a more fluid, and smooth manner. By doing this you will improve your capabilities to work with energy, which will improve the rest of your energy working techniques. In order to go about charging, and opening these energy centers you can choose to do one of these methods seen below, while doing any of these methods you should focus on your energy centers being opened, and charged. This conscious intention will allow your energy centers to change to the state that you want them in.

Methods for charging, and opening the energy centers in your hands:

Massaging the center of your palms – Through the act of massaging the center of your palms you will be able to activate, and open the energy centers that reside there through the slight pressure of your fingers pushing into an acupuncture point.

Rubbing your hands together- By rubbing your hands together like you are trying to warm yourself up you will also be able to stimulate the energy centers through the friction that you create.

Washing your hands – Washing your hands primarily with cold water will go through the process of  cleansing the energies around your hands, and energy centers giving them the space to be charged, balanced, and opened.

Blowing on your palms – You can blow on your hands in order to charge, and open your energy centers. Your breath will go through the process of sending out energy in order to stimulate your energy centers to be opened, and to be charged.

Sending energy to your hands – By sending energy off into your hands you will be able to charge an open your hand energy centers. This can be done simply by visualizing all the energy in your body as a form of mist, then see this energy from wherever it is in the body flow into your hands empowering them and making that mist build up into a deep fog. This will be able to bring the energy into your hands allowing that energy to go through the process of opening up, and charging the energy centers that are there.

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