These are different processes that energy can act out when it is instructed to do so. This will help you to better understand the workings of energy, and what energy is doing when these processes are being performed.

Cleansing – Cleansing is the process of resetting the energetic states of any construct back to its base metaphysical properties. It is usually used in order to get rid of unwanted energies that have connected themselves to a construct usually through contiguity, or contagion.

Banishing – Banishing is the process of sending away a specific energy construct, or entity from a specific area. Sometimes it is used, and seen as a more aggressive form of cleansing being used in order to send a specific energy in the environment away, so that it will not be present in that space in the future.

Centering – Centering is the process of bringing the energy of a construct, or an entity back to the center of the construct, so that the energy can be used more efficiently. This process is primarily done after energy has been scattered, or has wandered off from the entity, or construct that possesses it.

Grounding – Grounding is the process of connecting a construct, or entity to the earth, and to physicality. It is used in order to cycle energy between a construct, or entity, and the earth, and can be used in order to begin a cleansing process, and for drawing energies from the earth. It also connects the energy to a lower frequency vibration.

Drawing- Drawing is the process of attracting energy to a specific construct ,or entity. This drawing energy process can eventually lead to charging, or channeling.

Charging – Charging is the process of giving a specific construct energy, so that it can be empowered by that energy. Through this process constructs can gain different associations, and metaphysical properties based off the energy that they taken.

Channeling – Channeling is the process of drawing energy into an entity, or a construct, then redirecting that energy to another place. It can be used in order to give specific drawn energies to other entities, and constructs.

Attuning – Attuning is a process that brings a specific energy in harmony, and connection with a construct, or entity. It is used in order to facilitate a relationship between an energy, and a construct, or entity, so that they will be able to work with one another. this may also change the vibration of the construct, or entity in order to match the energy’s vibration.

Balancing – Balancing is the process of reconfiguring energy, so that it is not too overwhelming, and open, or underactive, and closed. This is done in order to make the energy exist at a perfect balance, so that it does not cause problems by existing in one of the two extremes.

Transmuting – Transmuting is the process of changing one energy construct into another energy construct. It is used in order to get rid of one energy, while using the potential energy to create a new energy.

Binding – Binding is the process of creating an energetic link between a construct, and another construct. It can be used to superimpose metaphysical properties on to other constructs, or can create connections between two things.

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