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Month: February 2018

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Astral projection VS astral travel: The difference between astral projection, and astral travel

These two practices are very similar at first glance, but the differences between these two practices has to do with how you go about interacting with the astral plane of existence. This will not be a super expensive look, but will provide some Basics on the differences. Astral projection: Astral projection is the act of literally projecting your astral body […]

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Clothes as magickal tools in witchcraft

Clothing can be used as a magickal tool in witchcraft, whether it be something traditional, ritualistic, metaphysical or just comfortable. Clothing can be a very powerful part of your working, if you choose to integrated into your practice. This would allow you to have specific garbs for your magickal working, allowing those clothes to interact, and connect with your working. […]

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Random Thing About Magick, And The Occult 11 – 20

Random Thing About Magick, And The Occult #11 Words have power, energy, and intent. They can be used in your magick, and can greatly empower your working. By speaking, writing, or thinking about certain words a practitioner can release that energy into the world to manifest. Words that are spoken releases the words intent into the air, and the word will be projected out by […]

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Random Thing About Magick, And The Occult 1 – 10

Random Thing About Magick, And The Occult #1 The elements can be invoked to bring forth what they are associated with in to your life. This would be things such as: Fire for: Passion, creativity, banishment, aggression, energy, and much, much more. Water for : Calmness, sensitiveness, intuition, healing, loving, and much, much more. Air for : Intelligence, wisdom, clarity, The mind, inspiration, and […]