Sigil magick is a powerful, and practical occult art form that can be used to manifest your desires. By understanding the practices, and theory behind sigil magick you will be able to learn this practice for yourself, and bring it into your life, and working. This will be written from my understanding of sigil magick, and will be based not only in chaos magick, but from the perspective of other practitioners, and paradigms that I have gained understanding from, because of this it will be very eclectic, and syncretic in nature, and will hopefully provide a very good overview of sigil magick as a whole. This is a practice that can be very fun, creative, and practical and we’ll be able to help you in many aspects of your life, if you are willing to go through the process of learning it.

What are sigils:

The concept of a sigil can be a pretty hard thing to define, but for the best understanding of it I believe we should start with the word itself. The word sigil comes from the Latin word “Sigillum” which was defined as a seal, or signet. It also may have been connected to the Hebrew word סגולה (segula) meaning charm, or tailsman. The way that I would define a sigil in a magickal sense of the word is a symbol that represents an intent, construct, or entity. These symbols can be used in order to manifest desires, summon forth entities, and represent constructs, and ideas. They are powerful tools that can be used in magick, and can take the shape of anything that can be used as a representation for something else. These sigils are not only limited to shapes, and ligatures but can be things such as, items, videos, literature, sounds, and even music, along with many other things. These sigils are very  versatile, and we’ll be able to be used in all sorts of situations. They can be a pretty complicated idea to get your head around in the very beginning, but once you get it  you will be able to understand all the ins-and-outs  of these magickal constructs.

Primary theories of sigil magick:

Sigil magick is primarily understood from 3 different theories of understanding, these theories being the way of understanding how sigils are able to manifest. Practitioners will usually work with one of these theories, and will understand sigil magick from that point of view. From what I understand all of these theories are legitimate, and should not be looked at separately, but much rather together in order to have a higher understanding of the ins-and-outs of sigil manifestation. These theories I like to refer to as energy theory, consciousness theory, and psychological theory.

Energy theory:

Energy theory is the understanding that sigils work through the process of gathering up spiritual energy that is intended for a specific purpose, and when it is cast out that energy will go forth into the universe to manifest that intention. This is a theory that primarily works off the understanding of spiritual energy, and raising that energy in order to do a certain task.

Consciousness theory:

Consciousness theory is the understanding that sigils work through implanting sigils in the subconscious, so that they will be able to interact with the universal conscious in order to manifest a desired outcome. This theory works primarily off the understanding of universal consciousness, and how we are all connected to it, and because of that are able to influence it in order to make our desires a reality.

Psychological theory:

Psychological theory is the understanding that sigils work through the act of allowing you to focus on a specific construct, or situation, through the representation of the sigil. This is said to allow your subconscious mind to pull you in the direction of what you desire, by it suggesting to your normal waking consciousness certain decisions that will help you achieve your goal.

There are critiques, and criticisms to all of these theories but all of them support a very good understanding of the essence of sigil magick, and are all important to get acquainted with. I will try my best to explain sigil magick from all three different primary theories in order to give a very good overview of sigil magick as a whole, and to provide deeper knowledge into how sigils are used.

Five types of sigils:

These are the five types of sigils that I have discovered based on my understandings, and experiences. These five types of sigils are desire sigils, name sigils, correspondence sigils, linking sigils, and combination sigils. These categories of sigils are based off the process of what the sigils manifest, and are connected to. All sigils that I have come across fit into one of these categories, so I find this to be a good understanding to know, and learn in order for you to categorize sigils into various categories.

Desire sigils:

Desire sigils are sigils that are used to represent a desire. These desires can be anything that you want to take shape in the world, and these desire sigils will represent it, and will allow you to be able to manifest it through them. These are one of the most common forms of sigils, and will probably be one of the types of sigils you use the most.

Examples of desire sigils:

  • Sigil for protection
  • Sigil for good luck
  • Sigil to curse your enemies
  • Sigil to have a good job interview
  • Along with many others…

Name sigils:

Name sigils are sigils that are used to represent a name, and whatever construct, or entity possesses that name. These sigils are constructed to represent names of specific constructs, or entities, and can be used to connect with them, summon them, and/or represent them in your magickal working. The names that can be used to construct the sigils would be names such as a first name, a middle name, a last name, a username, a nickname, a magick name, along with many others. These sigils can be used as taglocks, because of the magickal link they have between the target, and the sigil. They have also been used in order to make personal magickal seals, and signatures to show ownership, and represent the practitioner that uses them.

Examples of name sigils:

  • Name Sigils for Jack
  • Name Sigils for Cynthia
  • Name Sigils for Archangel Michael
  • Name Sigils for America
  • Along with many others…

Correspondence sigils:

Correspondence sigils are sigil that are used to represent a construct. This sigil will connect you with the energy of the construct, and will allow you to take on the metaphysical properties of the construct the sigil represents. These sigil can also be used as substitutions for specific things in magickal working, and will act as the ingredient that you are missing by trying to mimic its energy.

Examples of correspondence sigils:

  • Sigil for fire
  • Sigil of Pisces
  • Sigil of lavender
  • Sigil of the wolf
  • Along with many others…

Linking sigils:

Linking sigils are sigils that are connected to other, or the same sigils. These sigils are very useful, and can be used in order to connect to works of magick together, or to connect a work of magick to its target. It can also be used to tap into certain energies from far distances. For this type of sigil there are either to sigils that are made, and linked together, or you will use the same sigil representation in multiple different places in order to connect those places together through the connection of the sigil. All sigils are some form of linking sigil, and are connected to the other versions of itself, but by making a sigil specifically for the purposes of linking energies together one will be able to create more effective linking sigils.

Examples of linking sigils:

  • Ellis linking sigil
  • Along with many others…

Combination sigils:

Combination sigils are sigils that are a combination of other sigils, or two, or more sigil types. The sigils can be created by creating a ligature of already made sigils, or by placing sigils near to each other, so that their energies, and intentions can work off each other. These types of sigils can be extremely helpful when you are trying to get something more advanced done, and you need something to do more than one job.

Examples of Combination sigils:

  • Combination sigils for love and strength
  • Combination sigils for Tasha and psychic awareness
  • Combination sigils for link between waters
  • Combination sigils for Jessie, and James
  • Along with many others…

By understanding and learning these five sigil types you will be able to recognize them in your practice, and how you may go about using them. This can be incredibly useful to give you understanding of the inner workings of these types of sigils, along with what they will be able to manifest for you.

3 steps to sigil magick:

There are three main steps in the process of using sigils, I refer to these as representation creation, charging, and activation. By doing each step you will begin to go through the process of creating, and using sigils in your own practice.

How to make a sigil:

There are many different methods you can use for the sigil creation process. None of them are better than any other one, and each one can provide you with a different sigil. It is important to try out many different methods to find which ones work best for you in your practice, and in the situation. There are methods to create all types of sigils from the drawn sigil symbols that are most common to verbal, music, hand signs, and object sigils, along with many others. Here I will teach you two different methods to go about creating the common drawings symbol sigils. The two methods that I will be teaching you are the word sigil method, and the random/intuitive sigil method. for these methods you will need a statement of intent, and we’ll have to go through the process of creating your statement before subjecting it to the methods.

Statement of intent:

Statements of intent are statements that relay what you want to accomplish, or bring forth in your manifestation. Statements of intent can relay literally anything but there are ways to go about writing more effective, and clear statements of intent that will help in the manifestation process, to make sure that you get what you want and to help you focus your consciousness, and energy in a more effective way.

Statements of intent should usually not include negations. This is because the subconscious mind usually does not process negations, which can get in the way of manifestation by making you manifest the opposite of what you want. Though this does not happen every time, and a good number of practitioners have found that using negations in their practice works fine.

Statements of intent should usually be written in the present tense. This is an order to portray in your intention that you have what you want already allowing it to take shape in your life. Though practitioners have found creating the statement of intent in past tense, or even future tense has still been known to work.

You also want to keep your statement of intent grounded, and rational, so that they actually have a chance to be manifested. Things that do not have a very high chance of happening will take a very long time to manifest, and will not make very good intentions because of it.

Do not keep your statement of intent to broad, or to specific. If your statement of intent is too broad you may manifest the slightest amount of what you actually want. If your statement of intent is to specific it will be constricted, and will have a harder time manifesting, if at all.

Statements of intent for name sigils are simply just the name, and statements of intent for correspondence sigils is the name of the object you want to be represented. Linking sigil statements of intent can be as simple as “sigils of this kind are linked together”.

Take time thinking of your statement of intent, so that you will be able to create one that greatly represents all that you would want to manifest into the world. As you make more, and more sigils, and statements of intent you will get better at creating them, so do not worry if you are not too good at it in the beginning. Once you’re done creating your statement of intent you can then move on to putting it to a method.

Some statement of intent examples:

  • “I am protected.”
  • “I got an A on my math test”
  • “I am beautiful”
  • “My enemies have bad luck”
  • “Nathaniel”
  • “Lavender”
  • “sigils of this kind are linked together”
  • Along with many others…

Word sigil method:

To do this method first you will need to write out your statement of intent. For this example we will be using:

“My enemies have bad luck”

Next you will have to simplify the amount of letters, this is usually done by removing all repeating letters, spaces, and vowels. This is done in order to give us a smaller amount of workable letters. If we did this with this statement of intent we would end up with this:


Once you end up with this random assortment of letters you then have to go about creating a ligature image using all the letters, or pieces of the letters that you have. You can also go through the process of switching these letters into a different alphabet, so that the sigil will take on a different appearance. This is a place where magickal alphabets shine, and are greatly used.

In this step of creating the ligature you will want to spend some time creating, and recreating the sigil until you have something that you are comfortable with, and that you would like to use. You can also go through the process of adding extra flair to the sigil in order to make it more appealing by adding extra lines, or dots, or by erasing things that you don’t like about the sigil. Once you feel like the shape is done you can then move to the next step with your finished sigil.

Random/intuitive sigil method:

For this method you will go about creating a sigil by simply using your creativity, and intuition to create some form of doodle, while thinking intently about your intention. This is definitely the most free form method, because you allow your creativity, and intuition to create the sigil for you. Spend some time sitting down with a piece of paper, and a pencil creating shapes, and glyphs seemingly at random, while thinking of your intention, eventually a shape, or glyph will show up that you will be able to use as your sigil.

Once you have your sigil created in whatever method you would like you can then go through the process of creating a representation of it, and charging it.

How to find a Sigil:

It is perfectly fine to go about using other people’s sigils, and will be as effective as creating your own. There are many places you can go about finding a Sigil to use by simply searching online for sigils, or you can ask someone else to make you one to your specifications. You could also go through the process of asking one to appear to you and your dreams, or you could ask a spirit, or deity if they have one for you to use. Make sure that whatever sigil you find has the intention of what you would like to manifest. After that you can create a representation of it, and move into the charging process.

How to charge a sigil:

Charging a sigil is a process that gives the sigil the power it needs to work. This can usually be achieved by things interacting with the sigil in specific ways so that it can go through the process of building power up. This charging process works through the act of filling the sigil representation with spiritual energy, while also going through the process of imprinting that sigil’s intention into yours subconscious mind. This process can be done in an altered state of consciousness in order to provide it with better concentration, and focus to allow it to slip into your subconscious, and to focus your energy more effectively, but this does not have to be done. Here is a list of many ways that you can go about charging a sigil:

Charging methods for sigils:

  • Pushing energy into the sigil by using energy work.
  • Meditating intently on the sigil.
  • Focus on the sigil intensely.
  • Dancing around the sigil.
  • Working out with the sigil.
  • Chanting over the sigil.
  • Masturbating on to the sigil.
  • Masturbating while looking into the sigil.
  • Burning candles around, or on the sigil.
  • Rubbing blood upon the sigil.
  • Anointing the sigil with essential oils.
  • Anointing the sigil with holy water, or any other type of magickal water.
  • Anointing the sigil with semen.
  • Spitting on the sigil.
  • Putting the sigil in the sunlight, or moonlight.
  • Having the sigil by a crystal grid.
  • Placing a charged crystal on top of the Sigil.
  • Looking at the sigil while causing pain to yourself, or another. (not recommended)
  • Something dying, or being killed near, or around the sigil.
  • (not recommended)
  • Submerging the sigil in water.
  • Having sex around the sigil, on top of the sigil, or while looking at the sigil.
  • Talking to the sigil as if it was a person, trying to convince it to do it job.
  • Having people see and/or interact with the sigil.
  • Speaking about the sigil to other people.
  • Having the sigil on your person while going through your day, keeping it with you so that it can feed off your energy.
  • Having the sigil on you while you do something that gets your adrenaline pumping.
  • Having the sigil near you while you are playing video games.
  • Focusing on the sigil while being in a intense emotional state.
  • Asking a higher power to charge the sigil for you.
  • Praying over the sigil.
  • Singing over the sigil.
  • Using the death posture to charge the sigil.
  • Giving birth over, or near the sigil.
  • Making contact with the sigil through any form of contact such as tapping touching, or moving.
  • Place the sigil in front of music speakers, while music is playing.
  • Allowing the wind to blow the sigil.
  • Placing the sigil in front of a fan, and allowing its air to blow it.
  • Breathing on the sigil.
  • Having the sigil outside in a thunderstorm, storm, or the rain.
  • Placing your phone on top of the sigil, while your phone is charging.
  • Placing the sigil underneath your pillow, while you sleep.
  • Feeling powerful emotions while near the sigil.
  • Crying on to the sigil.
  • Placing crystals on top of the sigil.
  • Reading holy scripture to the sigil.
  • Saying the names of God to the sigil.
  • Using a Tibetan singing bowl, or bell near the sigil.
  • Link sigils to the sigil, so those sigils can charge it.
  • Walking on top of the sigil.
  • moving the sigil around with kinetic energy.
  • Sprinkling herbs and spices on top of the sigil.
  • Tell it to draw energy from something, or a link it to some other construct to feed off of.
  • Tell somebody about the sigil.
  • Acknowledge the sigils existence.
  • Placing the sigil somewhere with a lot of negativity, or positive energy.
  • Placing the sigil at a ley-marker.
  • Placing the sigil in your underwear, or bra.
  • Heating up the sigil.
  • Cooling down the sigil.
  • And much more…

Once the charging process is complete you can then go on to the process of activation.

How to activate a sigil:

In my understanding there are two forms of activation active activation, and passive activation. Both of these methods of activation will allow the sigils energy to be sent out, while willing the intention of the sigil to start working in your subconscious mind allowing it to interact with the Universal consciousness, and to allow it to psychologically draw you towards things, that will allow you to achieve your goal. Both of these ways have their own benefits, and setbacks, but it is important to determine which way you should activate certain types of sigils, which will affect how the sigils manifest.

Active Activation:

Active activation is achieved through the act of activating a sigil through the process of destroying it. This will send the energy out all at once, and will activate it in your subconscious intensely, and immediately. It is used primarily in situations where a sigil will only need to be sent out once, and will only need to interact with one situation. This is really good for quick, and fiery manifestation. Sigils I would use in this activation method would be sigils for banishing, exorcising, purifying, cleansing, manifesting, summoning spirits, removing negative energy, removing spiritual blockages, removing emotional blockages, and one off curses, among many others.

Methods For Active Activation:

  • Putting the sigil on a piece of paper, and burning it in fire.
  • Putting the sigil on a piece of paper, and submerging it in water until it dissolves.
  • Putting the sigil on a piece of paper, and ripping the paper in half.
  • Drawing the sigil in to the sand at the beach, and letting the sea wash it away.
  • Drawing the sigil in the air with your energy, and pushing through it in order to destroy it.
  • Making the sigil out of dust, or powder, and then blowing it away to destroy it.
  • Making the sigil in your mind, and then imagining it being destroyed to activate it.
  • Putting the sigil on food then eating it.
  • Drawing the sigil on a firework, and then set it off.
  • Drawing the sigil on a balloon, and then pop it.
  • Drawing the sigil on your body, and then wash it away.
  • Singing the sigil out loud for all to hear.
  • Playing a music, or an audio sigil out loud for all to hear.
  • Place the sigil on a piece of paper, and rip it up.
  • Draw the sigil on a rock, and throw it in a body of water.
  • Putting the sigil on a cigarette, and then smoking it.
  • Write it on a dry erase board, and then erase the sigil.
  • Take a picture of the sigil, and then delete the image.
  • Writing it on the condensation of a window, or mirror, and then allowing it to disappear.
  • Writing it in the air with a sparkler, and allowing it to eventually fade.
  • Vibrating the sigil with your voice.
  • Signing the sigil with sign language.
  • Using a hand tapping sigils.
  • And much more…

Passive Activation:

Passive activation is done through the act of allowing the sigil to continue existing. this will send its energy out continuously over the amount of time the sigil continues to exist, until it runs out of charge, or until it reaches a designated stopping point. It will also be used as a constant reminder for your subconscious mind to reach out to the universal consciousness, and to move towards your goal. These sigils are good for manifesting over long periods of time and interacting with many different situations. This also allows the sigil to work in a more dynamic way allowing it to work to fulfill its desire, or intent in a more ever-present, and passive manner. It will be use only when it is needed, making that sigil more versatile in its actions. This makes for a very Earthy form of manifestation. Sigils I would use in this activation method would be sigils for protection, luck, empowerment, healing, psychic abilities, transformation, attracting energy, retaining energy, and continuous curses, among many others.

Methods For Passive Activation:

  • Putting the sigil on a piece of paper.
  • Drawing the sigil on your body.
  • Getting a tattoo of the sigil on your body
  • Carving sigils into a candle, and lighting the candle.
  • Carving sigils into soap, and washing your body with the soap.
  • Making a sigil amulet.
  • Writing, or carved the sigils upon wood, or stones.
  • Drawing it in energy upon something
  • Placing the sigil as your computer, or phone background.
  • Posting an image of the sigil online.
  • Drawing the sigil with chalk on the street, or sidewalk.
  • Having a piece of clothing with the sigil on it, or sewn into it.
  • Drawing it in a public place.
  • And much more…

Forgetting the sigils:

The process of forgetting the sigil is something that is used by a good number of practitioners, while a good number of other practitioners don’t include it in their practice. The process of forgetting your sigil is something that can occur after the creation method, or the activation method, and is usually said to be the process of forgetting the intention of your sigil. From my understanding this process is actually less about forgetting about the intention of your sigil, and is more about detaching yourself from it, and the desire that you want to manifest, so that you do not affect it consciously, or energetically with your thoughts. This will give the sigil room to work, so that it is not constantly being bombarded by your expectations, and desires. It allows it to go forth, and manifest what you want well keeping you in a state that does not completely revolve around its manifestation. This process is not 100% necessary, and a lot of practitioners don’t include this understanding in their practice, but I feel that it is something worth understanding, so that you can see how to work with it, if you do find it useful. All you have to do in order to do this is to simply not focus, or obsess about sigils that you have already sent out, or have created, and allow yourself to forget about them, not all of the way, but enough so that you are detached from them.

How to undo sigils:

Sometimes after you go through the process of casting a sigil you may want to know how to undo it in order to nullify the effects that it is giving off. In order to go through this process you can do one of two things you can:

Destroy the sigil, and allow its energy, and intention to run its course, and eventually nullify itself. You would be able to help out this nullification process by taking away the energy that you gave it in the charging process, while also focusing on its intention that is imprinted in your subconscious, changing it into what you want to manifest, allowing the sigil to  nullify quicker and more effectively.

The other thing you could do is send out another sigil with the opposite intention, or with the intention of stopping the first sigil, so that it can go through the process of nullifying its effects.

Both of these methods will be good to know, and learn in case you ever want to stop a sigil for any reason. These also work on sigils that have been casted by other practitioners, and may be very helpful in defending from spiritual attacks.


Hopefully this post has helped you learn how to create in use sigils for yourself. I know that there is a lot of information here especially, if you are new, but by studying this, and working with mine, and other practitioners understandings you will be able to bring sigil magick into your practice in order to better your life. This is just some of the basics of this practice and there is still much to learn. I wish you good luck in your studies of this practice, and I hope that you come to love it in the way I have.


  1. Thank you so much for this!
    I love your sigils, but I must ask– I have heard that sigils’ power can be diluted the more times they are written down. Surely, if this is true, internet sigils used by many people must not be as potent? I honestly hope that isn’t the case.


    • through my understanding, and experience it has been the exact opposite. Sigil that are frequently used build up more power, and become more potent through their connection to the universal Consciousness and the energy that they built up, along with the psychological meaning they build up over time through multiple people interacting with them. Also if that was true famous sigils such as the Ellis sigil would be completely ineffective, which is clearly not the case.


  2. Greetings. Do you have any examples of linking sigils that you would be willing to display in detail? I believe I utilise something similar with the tarot as a talismanic spread.


  3. I love you website. It’s very informative and well organized. Easy to find exactly what I’m looking for. ✌🏼💕😊


  4. I love you website. It’s very informative and well organized. Easy to find exactly what I’m looking for. ✌🏼💕😊


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