Clothing can be used as a magickal tool in witchcraft, whether it be something traditional, ritualistic, metaphysical or just comfortable. Clothing can be a very powerful part of your working, if you choose to integrated into your practice. This would allow you to have specific garbs for your magickal working, allowing those clothes to interact, and connect with your working. Having specific magickal clothing will allow you to enter the mindset of performing magick, which will allow you to enter an altered state of consciousness, and will provide you with a liminal space to work within. There are many things you can do to make sure that you have the best clothes for the job.

You could go through the process of blessing, or enchanting clothes with specific properties that you would want to bring into your working. This could be things such as protection, luck, psychic awareness, spiritual energy, connection to higher planes of existences, or can even just be a dedication to a specific deity of your choosing, along with many more things. You could enchant it through the incorporation of magical symbols, and sigils by imprinting them upon the clothing, or you could just simply push specific energies into the clothes. The materials of the clothes would also matter, and would play a part in the specific properties that the clothes would release naturally. Materials like silk, cloth, or leather are going to have vastly different properties that could be taken into account. Certain metals such as iron, and steel are usually not good metals to have on, because of their metaphysical property to diffuse spiritual energy, where metals like bronze, brass, copper, silver, titanium, and gold will work with the energy in some way, and may produce different effects depending upon what is used. These metals also allow energy to flow through them greatly especially copper, bronze, and brass, and may even go through the process of strengthening your energy.Your clothes should be something that feels comfortable, so they do not distract you from your working, because of this you will probably want it to be made of a lighter material. It should be something that gives you mobility, while also allowing you to enter the meditative state in a comfortable manner. You can also go through the process of wearing something that is more traditional, if you practice a specific tradition. The traditional attire usually has meanings, and metaphysical properties built into the clothes that the tradition has been working with since they have began using them, and will be very powerful especially in helping you to connect with that tradition, and it’s practices. Color is also very important as well, because different colors release different metaphysical energies that could be used in the working that you are doing. A lot of the time for magickal working attire black, white, and purple are chosen, because black, and white has the energies of all other colors, black is also very protective, and purple is very connected to spirituality. The color of the clothing will also charge the energy centers that are connected to that color. All of these colors can be very useful, along with many of the other ones I have not mentioned.

The clothes that you use during your magickal practice, do not have to be anything super special, but by understanding the part that clothes play in magick will allow you to make certain decisions on things that may help you, while practicing your craft.


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