Random Thing About Magick, And The Occult #11

Words have power, energy, and intent. They can be used in your magick, and can greatly empower your working. By speaking, writing, or thinking about certain words a practitioner can release that energy into the world to manifest. Words that are spoken releases the words intent into the air, and the word will be projected out by the vibrations of your throat. This is why in many western ceremonial rituals words of vibrated out loud for all to hear.  It is even said the simplest form cursing is curse words, because of the negative energy that they release.  Words that are written will act like sigils, and can be charged to affect the world around you. This is even more true in languages like chinese, japanese, and other languages that use logograms, due to that fact that these characters are symbols for specific words. Thinking upon a certain words can focus your mind, and energy to manifest that word’s intent. Words are very powerful, and must be used with absolute care.

Random Thing About Magick, And The Occult #12

By constructing, and using an astral temple a practitioner can create a place not only to interact with their spirit guides, spirit Companions, angels, and deities, but they can also create a space to do magick when they are not allowed to do magick in the physical for whatever reason. With a little concentration, intent, and energy anyone can create an astral temple you do not need to be able to astral project in order to take part in this wonderful art, and it will be incredibly useful to practitioners who can use it to their Highest Potential. It’s like constructing your own personal space for you to exist, and do things.

Random Thing About Magick, And The Occult #13

A lot of people believe that number 13 is a very unlucky number, but in fact it is a very spiritual, and powerful number that is greatly used in magick, and the occult especially in numerology. This number is very grounded in truth, realism, and pragmatism, and it also brings change, freedom, concentration, growth, tradition, forward motion, fulfillment,  creativity, community, and exploration. It is a very powerful number that can help you out a lot, if you are willing to take the time to understand it.

Random Thing About Magick, And The Occult #14

Color can be used in magick to bring in many different energies that you may want to interact with in your life, and in your practice. Just by simply placing things that are the color around you, or in your space you can Infuse those areas with the energies of those colors. You even can wrap colors around certain items, or cups of water and infuse that energy into the item, or drinking water. You also could try changing your desktop background to a certain color, so that you get more of the energy that color emits. Another way you could incorporate this into your practices is by wearing certain clothing that contains certain colors, so you can bring that energy into your everyday life. Every color represents its own unique radiant energy and that energy can be helpful in many ways depending upon the situation that you put it in. Here are some color meanings:

Red: Passion, Survival, Fire, Passionate Love, Sexuality, and Aggression.

Orange:  Emotion, Community, Connection,  Creativity,   Self-Expression, and Kindness.

Yellow: Air, Energy, Direction,  Knowledge, Understanding,  Vitality,  Mental Clarity, and  Joy.

Green: Unconditional Love, Life, Earth, Prosperity, Acceptance, Luck, healing, and Growth.

Blue: Water, Communication, Voice, Will Power, and Focus.

Indigo: Spirituality, Intuition, Magick,  Psychic ability,  Divination, and Meditation.

Violet: Enlightenment, Higher Understanding, Spiritual Knowledge, and Clarity.

White: Invocation, Yin, Unity, Balance, Cleansing,  Purification, and Inspiration.

Black: Evocation, Yang, Protection, Banishment, Cursing, Exorcism, Releasing, and Banishing Negativity.

This is by no means a complete list, and they’re always be more to learn about these colors, along with some other colors that  we’re not mentioned here.

Random Thing About Magick, And The Occult #15


A Dimension is a measurable measurement in space, and time the that can communicate the position of a construct. these are dimensions such as X, Y, Z, and time.

Planes Of Existences:

A plane of existence is the density, and vibration of the energy that resonates with multiple other constructs. These are planes of existences such as the  etheric plane, the astral plane, the causal plane, the akashic plane, and the mental plane.


A realm is a space of activity in which anything occurs that usually will exist as a domain of some form of construct. These are realms such as the fairy realms, the elemental realms, and the spiritual realms.


A universe is a subsection of existence that exist within a usable scope.

Random Thing About Magick, And The Occult #16

A microcosm, a small part will have the same aspects as a macrocosm, a large part, and vice versa. By understanding one you can understand the other, and through this understanding we can gain knowledge of how things work, especially of constructs that we may not be directly able to interact with. This is the Hermetic principle of Correspondence which states; As Above, so below. As below, so above. This is a beautiful understanding to have, and it is not only necessary in the understanding of magick, but is also important in the understanding of the universe itself. By learning how to affect one in specific ways we can learn to affect the other allowing our energies, and intents to be heard on every plane of existence.

Random Thing About Magick, And The Occult #17

You are able to cleanse things through the act of loud noises such as clapping, ringing a bell, music, or yelling, among other things. This is said to scare away the negative energies allowing you to rid areas, items, and entities of negative energies. All you have to do, is do these acts with intent to cleanse, and they surely will be helpful in helping you straighten up the energies in the world around you.

Random Thing About Magick, And The Occult #18

Focusing on a Sigil in your mind’s eye will bring the energy of that sigil into your immediate environment, so that you can use it in your practice to act out your desires. This can be useful too bring certain energies to you even when you do not have tools to make the sigil physically. The energy brought on by the sigil will be invoked, and harnessed by the practitioner, and can be put to good use to help the practitioner gain their desire. This would be like focusing on a sigil for good luck in your head, so you can invoke good luck to you. A practitioner could also focus upon a sigil, and somebody else in the immediate vicinity in order to send that energy to that person, and cast it upon them, so that they will be affected by it. To do this you will need focus, concentration, intent, and willpower, so that you can interact with these energies to affect the world around you.

Random Thing About Magick, And The Occult #19

Servitors can be program to replicate themselves, or reproduce through the act of programming that intent into their being when you are creating them. This self-replication, or reproduction can be activated in the servitor based on certain parameters that the practitioner sets for them during servitor creation. The certain parameters can be set to pretty much anything to activate the reproduction aspect of the servitor from simply being told to, or even to needing to interact with another servitor. There is really unlimited possibilities for how you could communicate to your servitors program to allow it to begin its self-replication, or reproducing process. This has been used to intensify the effectiveness of certain servitors through the act of creating more, so that they can work out their tasks in a more efficient manner. This is also been used to create artificial spiritual races that the practitioner can employ to handle specific tasks like a servant army. This self-replication or reproduction process does use the servitors energy.

Random Thing About Magick, And The Occult #20

Working as a solitary practitioner is just fine, but it is always a good idea to find others you can talk with, and learn from, even if they are not practitioners themselves. This will keep you grounded, and will empower you to hopefully go out, and learn more, along with learning many different other people’s outlooks, and practices. Who knows you might even make a friend, or two. ^^

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