Random Thing About Magick, And The Occult #21

If you ever are in a negative mood, and you know how to manipulate spiritual energy. you can always ground, and center, and move that negative spiritual energy into some other object, so that you can store it, and save it to be used in curses, or more malevolent practices. This will allow you to call on some more negativity when you are in the process of needing it. This is pretty much a way of saving negative energy for the future, so that it is not simply wasted, when you are feeling bad. All you need to do in order to do this is to be in a negative mood, and envision your negative energy moving into the object of your choice. Then all you have to do is keep that object somewhere safe until you need that negative energy, after that all you have to do is bring it into your spell, or ritual when you’re casting out some form of negativity.

Random Thing About Magick, And The Occult #22

Whenever an event happens everything in the immediate vicinity feels, interacts, and is marked by the energies of that event. This energy will linger, and will be felt in the environment for a long time after the event is done. The energy can always be cleansed away, but the environment will always hold an energetic memory of that event.

Random Thing About Magick, And The Occult #23

You can communicate with everyone telepathically, but before you can do that you must create a link, and they must be open to receiving. To create a telepathic link with someone all you have to do is intently focus on sending them certain thoughts, and feelings. These thoughts, and feelings will then go out to them, but they must be willing to receive them in order for them to use this energy information in any way. They can always do this by getting into a meditative state, and preparing to receive the energy information, and if they’re good enough that feeling, and interpreting energy they should get your message in some form, or way. This can also be done to people who are not expecting it, in pretty much the same way. In order to make the telepathic link you must do what you did with the willing person, and try to send them energy messages, but in order for the unwilling person to be able to receive that energy information they must be in a more relaxed state of mind. Good times to attempt this would be when people are daydreaming, or they put themselves on autopilot. During these times they are an altered states of consciousness in which they are far more open to telepathic communication. If the person does not fall into one of these states you can always try, and make eye contact with them. Making eye contact gives you a pretty much a direct link to that person allowing them, and you to receive information from each other.

Random Thing about Magick and the Occult #24

Did you know that apart from crystals in all of their pretty qualities, and glorious metaphysical properties, mundane rocks can be just as incorporated, and helpful to your practice too? Rocks can help you bring the earth element into whatever you are doing. They can be very grounding when held, and if you can identify the type of stone or rock it is, from sedimentary, and igneous, to metamorphic, you could look into their properties, and allow those to influence your craft as well. You may also assign your rocks personal meanings that may enhance your practice. For instance if a rock was acquired during a certain time, or was helpful during a certain situation in your life you can associate that rock to that time, or aide, and use the rock to represent those energies. You could have a rock for the winter time for example, something to connect you to those colder/more withdrawn energies during the summer if you want. You could also have a rock to alleviate anger, if you’d focused on releasing that anger into the rock. You could actually keep that rock to help you the next time, or return it to the earth. You can also enchant, or program your rocks, after giving them a good cleanse, so that they can assist you later just like a crystal might, but filled with your own intent. You can can collect rocks of all sorts, almost free of charge. So why not use them in your practice?


Random Thing about Magick and the Occult #25

Depending upon what element you are, will not only tell you things about your personality, but will also tell you about how much spiritual energy you emit, and have, at least on a more fundamental level. These energy levels would start with fire signs having a whole lot of energy, next air signs having the second largest amount of energy, then water signs having the second to least energy, finally earth signs having the least amount of energy. These energy levels still can change from person to person, are also based upon your other planets, and some other metaphysical factors, but on a fundamental level will be dictated by your sun sign. Knowing your element, and energy level can help you avoid energetic burnout by allowing you to know your limits, and how you should expend your energy.

Random Thing about Magick and the Occult #26

There are crystals that are known as high energetic vibrational stones. That act pretty much like crystal energetic batteries. These crystals never have to be charged, and have a very high energy vibration. These Stones can be used to replace candles and will be used to empower your rituals. They are also beautiful, and wonderful stones to have around.

Some high energy vibration stones are:

  • White Cryolite
  • Shugnite
  • Celestite
  • Spirits Quartz
  • Selenite
  • Kyanite

Random Thing about Magick and the Occult #27

Through the act of learning how to meditate, meeting your Spirit guides, and forming a powerful bond with them, you will be in the perfect position to learn how to start channeling, and using that art to gain insight, and information from your spirit guides. To do this all you need to do is get into a meditative state, and invoke your Spirit guides by calling out to them. Once they arrive feel into their energies and tried to translates their energies, so that you can see what they are trying to tell you. Allow the bond between you two to guide you while you are doing this, so that they can speak through you. During the channeling process you may also want to record the audio of your experience, so that you can look over it later to find understanding, and knowledge.

Random Thing about Magick and the Occult #28

After you are done doing magick of any type, It is very important to remember that you should return the energies of the environment, back to how they were naturally. This will allow everything in that area to return back to how it was before you started your magickal act. It is like cleaning up after your mess after you are done with a project, and it allows the energies in that area to return back to a more natural flow.

Random Thing about Magick and the Occult #29

Sex Magick is a thing. One could use the energy of their orgasms or just the pure act of self/interactive play to charge Sigils, crystals, anything you want. You hold the intent in your mind of doing so, do it on top of or while looking at an object of choice, you can even chant out your intentions, and your sexual energy will/can empower your craft. And if you are into sex/masturbation, it can be a pretty fun way to use that potent energy for something magickal!~


Random Thing about Magick and the Occult #30

Salt is not the only one at the dinner table that has good metaphysical properties, pepper also has very good metaphysical properties that can be used ,and harnessed by a practitioner in there working. Here are a few of the metaphysical properties of pepper:

  • Can be used for protection from your enemies, evil eye, and negativity.
  • Can be used to banishing of your enemies and negativity.
  • Can be used to exorcism entities.
  • Can be used to gain courage.
  • Can be used to ward off jealousy.
  • Can be used to ward off trespassers.
  • Can be used to curse, hex, and Jinx your enemies.
  • Can be used in both defensive, and offensive forms of magick.

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