Random Thing about Magick and the Occult #31

By putting certain things underneath your pillow, you will allow those energies to interact with your dreams and your person, when you sleep upon that pillow. Here is a small list of somethings you can put underneath your pillow, that will provide to you certain effects based on what they are:

  • You can put lapis lazuli under your pillow for awareness of your dreams, and vividness of those dreams.
  • You can put clear quartz under your pillow to wake up with more energy, after you awake from your sleep.
  • You can put bayleaf under your pillow in order to have more prophetic dreams.
  • You can put money under your pillow for wealth, and prosperity in your waking life.
  • You can put a blade of grass, or a leaf underneath your pillow to promote growth, and change in your waking life.
  • You can put a picture of someone underneath your pillow in order to connect with them better.
  • You can put all manner of sigil underneath your pillow in order to get the effect of that Sigil into your dreams, and waking life.
  • All of these along with many others.

Random Thing about Magick and the Occult #32

One of the more interesting spots to put a Sigil would be to draw them on the bottoms of your feet in permanent marker. This would allow you to bring those energies along with you in your daily life, and also would allow you to charge, and activate them by simply walking places. Also if you are a closeted practitioner, no one will be able to see your sigils, allowing you to do your craft without getting found out.

Random Thing about Magick and the Occult #33

When sending out certain energy into the universe you should try to be not too specific, or general. If you are too specific your desire will take more energy, and will take longer to manifest. If you are too general your desire made manifest in ways you do not want, and you’re not expecting. What you need to do is find a good balance.

This would be like, if you did a spell in order to get money.

If you were being too specific it would look like something like this: I want exactly $1,000, I want it to be from the lottery, and I want it on Monday.

This will take a very long time to manifest, because of how specific it is. The enegy will always get the job done, but it will always take the easiest way out. Needing you to use a lot more energy, and for the manifestation to take more time.

If you were being too general it would look like something like this: bring money to me.

This will probably take not that much energy, but could bring you pretty much anything that has to do with money. This could manifest as simply asyou finding money on the ground, to you even getting more hours at work, but you just never know, because it’s so general. You never know how it may manifest.

Random Thing about Magick and the Occult #34

Water is a very healing, and relaxing element, and because of this taking showers, or baths can help you come back to yourself, relax, and heal. In order to do this you need to do nothing special all you have to do is go, and take one. You can always add to this practice by using relaxing soaps, scented candles, lavender incense, or some other relaxing incense, and focusing on healing, and relaxing thoughts as you bathe.

Random Thing about Magick and the Occult #35

Using visualization, and your own personal energy you can accomplish basic healing techniques. These would be such things as relieving pain, or relieving a headache. All you have to do in order to do this is place your hands upon your body where you are feeling discomfort, and envision healing energy flowing into that spot relieving your pain slowly. This will send healing energy to those parts of your body allowing that energy to help it recover much quicker.

Random Thing about Magick and the Occult #36

If you are growing any form of plant talk to them as if they were people. Respect, and show them kindness, and they will show you the same respect, and kindness in return. Personify them, and allow them to be your allies. It will allow them to grow, and flourish more effectively, then you could possibly imagine. Plants can pick up on your energies, and intentions, so make sure they like what they feel, and they will be your friends forever.

Random Thing about Magick and the Occult #37

While grinding up herbs in a mortar, and pestle for whatever you are going to use it for, it is a good idea to think about the intentions you want this herb to bring you. While you grind it will infuse your energies into the herbs. This does not have to be intense thinking, it just has to be present, while you are grinding. This will hopefully give your herbs a little bit more empowerment in the spells, and rituals that you use them for.

Random Thing about Magick and the Occult #38

Carrying things around with you allow those things to get used to your energy along with absorb some of it. This item will be a lot more connected to you, and can be used as a magical link, because your energies have imprinted upon it, and the law of contagion. This is good to remember if you ever want something to be connected to you, or one to work with something better.

Random Thing About Magick and The Occult #39

You can put intent into/bless your food before you eat it. It can be a small form of kitchen magick that can empower your practice and be easily incorporated into your craft. You can also look up the metaphysical correspondences of certain ingredients you put into meals, and just bring greater awareness and intent to your kitchen magick. It can be really fun knowing that the food that nourishes your body or taste buds also has a lot of magick within it too!

Random Thing about Magick and the Occult #40

Anointing is a very powerful an easy practice that you can bring into your craft. In order to do this all you need is some form of liquid substance that you would like to Dab upon your tools, or anything else that you would like these energies to empower. The energies that will be given through anointing depend upon what liquid substance you are using to anoint. The metaphysical properties of that liquid substance will empower whatever they are rubbed upon. Liquid substances that you can use to anoint would be such things as essential oils, gem elixirs, holy water, and some many other forms of Liquid substances.


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