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Month: March 2018

Wolf Of Antimony 2

Wolf Of Antimony’s personal practice: Opening sigil, and reading commissions

I will be opening up sigil, and reading commissions. I will be offering divination readings from the rider waite tarot deck, and the ravens of antimony oracle deck. Sigil commissions will be made in my present style. Prices will be below, and payment will be send over PayPal. Sigil commission prices: Sigil = $3.00 Reading commissions prices: 1 card  = […]

Geosophic 1

Tarot Spread: Two halves of the same heart tarot spread

Two halves of the same heart tarot spread This tarot spread is used to bring insight into a relationship between two people, whether that relationship be platonic, or romantic. This will help you understand each other, or where you are coming from, along with figuring out how you guys can improve your relationship. Hopefully this can help you connect together […]

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Tarot Spread: Journey’s tree spread

Journey’s tree spread The spread is used more as a way to check up on all aspects of your path all at once. It does this by giving you Insight on all the major parts of your life. So that you can use this information to better yourself and your travels, as you move forward. 1 – How you are […]

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Tarot Spread: First Hand Tarot Spread

This is a 5 Card spread that I would like to call the first hand tarot spread. This tarot spread is primarily used to read people, and give you insight into the person before you associate yourself with them. This is just a base understanding of the person, and what you can expect to get yourself into. Though humans are […]

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Tarot Spread: The Should I Wolf Spread

The Should I Wolf Spread This spread is to help you find your path. It will guide you by making you consider, and review the consequences from a certain situation to see if you should make that decision in the first place. This spread works best on questions that are in the form of  “should I” questions. 1 –  What […]

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Laws of existence: Even more laws of magick

Laws of magick I have found, while learning that seem to be true, and fixed from my understanding, The authors are unknown to me, though I do feel there is wisdom in these understandings. Law of identification, or Law of imitation: This law states that an entity that imitates, or identifies as another entity will take on characteristics of that entity. […]

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Viadescioism: The howls of the Wolf

These are a bunch of my quotes put together with each other to form paragraphs on certain subjects. I wanted to see if I could create some more insight on certain subjects by putting some of my quotes together. Most of it is quite abstract, and fragmented, but I think it turned out nice. The result is what follows: Universe: […]

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Viadescioism: Source, Deity, and Divinity

This post is meant to be my take on source, and how it relates to deities, as well as divinity. These are just some of my present thoughts on the matter that I would like to share. On Source: Source is the head emanation of everything, and is the monad of the all. Source can be used as a synonym […]

Pyrosophic 3

Energy Work: Balancing your energetic system

Balancing your energetic system is a good thing to do every once in awhile, so that your energy can be flowing smoothly throughout your spiritual subtle bodies. This is a very simple practice that anyone can do to go over their energy field to cleanse it, and balance it in order to bring it back up to good working order. […]

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Terminology: General magick practitioner names, and titles

General names: Witch – Meaning a practitioner of witchcraft. Wicca – Meaning old English word for male practitioner of witchcraft. Wicce – Meaning old English word for female practitioner of witchcraft . Occultist – Meaning a practitioner of occult studies. Wizard – Meaning wise person, much like Sage, or philosopher. Sage -Meaning wise person. Wise Man – Meaning a man […]