Learning how to banish an entity is a very important skill to know in case you come across an entity that you want to send out of your space, and is a good way to protect yourself from spiritual entities that may come to try to do harm to you. There are many ways to go about banishing an entity, and in this post I will be going over a couple of them. I will also be giving tips that may be helpful. This is not an extensive guide by any means, but it’s definitely a stepping stone to understanding the processes that coincide with the banishment of entities.

Protecting yourself:

Protecting yourself is very important especially when you feel a presence that should not be in your space. Through the act of putting up shields you will help protect you’re so against them by putting up a wall of energy between the two of you, and by putting up wards anything that’s already on the inside out. This will give you time to come back to yourself, so that you can focus on what you should do next in order to deal with this entity. These shields, and wards do not have to be elaborate, and should be something you can call upon quickly when your safety is in question from spiritual forces. Practices like casting a circle, or the psychic bubble of light are very good for this, and will go through the process of keeping the entity at bay, while you can focus on what to do next. A simple way to put up a shield is to simply focus your energy around you, by visualizing it flowing off of your body much like mist, or light well thinking that you are protected, this will send your energy out from yourself forming a shield around your body through the power of your intention.

Learning more about the entity:

Learning more about the entity can teach you a lot about its reasons for wanting to hang around you in the first place, and will also help you decide if this entity is malevolent in any way towards you, or is just an entity that is naturally there, and not aggressive. Knowledge is power, and by you locking onto some of its key features such as its spiritual appearance, and it’s personality along with any other information you can gather from it, you will be able to interact with it more effectively. Knowing what you are dealing with before you deal with it can help the banishing process go more smoothly by allowing you to have the upper hand on it by knowing your enemy, or can help you realize that you don’t need your guard up around this entity, and can let it be, or ask it to leave.

Talking it out, and asking it to leave:

If the entity isn’t immediately aggressive you could always go through the process of talking to the entity to figure out why they are hanging around. They may just be passing through and not know that they are trespassing on your space, and you may be able to go through the simple process of asking them to leave. All you would really need to do in order to do this is to enter a meditative state, so that you would be able to hear, and recognize their communication with you, then you would just have to have a normal conversation with the entity. In this conversation you should figure out what their purpose for being in that space is, and see if you guys cannot come to a civil agreement. You may be able to ask it to leave, or it may just be allowed to hang around if it is not causing problems, but that’s all that really depends on the conversation that you guys have. If you cannot communicate with spiritual entities psychically you can always go through the process of using a divination process to divine their answers.

Demanding that it leaves:

If negotiations fail, and you have gone through the process of talking to it, or you feel that it will not listen to you, then it is time to demand it to leave. Through the power of your will, intention, and assertiveness you can force the entity out of your space by demanding out loud that at leaves. This intention will send your energy to force the entity out of your space. You can also go through the process of using there name in your demands in order to connect your will to it targeting it with your energy, if you do not have its name you can always go through the process of making one up for it. By first telling the entity that it’s name is this, and then using that name in your demands to tell it to leave. During this entire process you should be strong, and assertive, and should not waver under the entity in any regards in order not to give it power, and to put your intention through. If done correctly the entity should be forced from the space from your sheer energy, and willpower.

Forcing it out with energy:

You can also go through the process of using a more energetic method by visualizing your energy as fire, or light flowing to the entity blasting it with all that you have, by focusing on this vision in your mind’s eye, while projecting your energy forward will send it out in order to manifest your desire of sending the entity out of your space. This is a much better method if you feel that you are better with visualization, and energy work, and will allow you to enter a more trance-like state, while projecting your energy at the entity.

Forcing it out with items:

Certain items have banishing metaphysical properties that can be quite helpful in sending entities out of your space. These items can be natural such as herbs, and stones, or can be more man made things such as sigil, tailsman and amulets. By bringing these objects into the proximity of the entity with the intention of forcing them out you will begin to use them. This is a good way to go to the process of banishing the entity from your space with the incorporation of other objects. You could even go through the process of hard binding the entity to an object, then getting rid of the object with the entity bound to it. This will allow the entity to be bound to something, so that that something can be gotten rid of more easily.

Here is a list of some items that can help in the banishment of entities:

  • Holy water
  • War water
  • Holy books
  • Rosemary
  • Sage
  • Garlic
  • Dragon’s blood
  • Bloodstone
  • Black Salt
  • Salt
  • Smoky Quartz
  • Obsidian
  • Black pepper
  • Cloves
  • Jet
  • Sigil of banishment

Asking for help:

You can also go through the process of asking another practitioner for help in banishing the entity from your space, especially if you do not believe that you can handle it yourself. If you do not know any other practitioners you could always go through the process of asking a deity, or deities, or your spirit guides, or other higher power to banish the entity for you, or at least help you in the process of banishing the entity. This can help you out greatly, especially if you are not used to banishing entities, and want some extra help.

Other methods you could try for banishing entities:

  • Drawing the earth banishment pentagram in the air.
  • lesser banishing ritual of the pentagram
  • Gnostic pentagram ritual
  • Sweeping to the east with a broom while having the intention that the entity leaves in your head.

Cleansing the area:

After the entity is all good in banished it is a good idea to go through the process of cleansing the area where they were at. This will relieve that space from their energies, and will get rid of any negative feelings, or residual energies that the entity had left there. This can be simply done through any cleansing method such as burning herbs, placing crystals in the space , clap cleansing, or any other cleansing method that you are aware of.


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