This post is meant to be my take on source, and how it relates to deities, as well as divinity. These are just some of my present thoughts on the matter that I would like to share.

On Source:

Source is the head emanation of everything, and is the monad of the all. Source can be used as a synonym for the all because we are all a part of source, and are just different emanations of it. Source is divine, and is genderless. It is not so much an entity as it is a construct, and does not create intelligent design as much as it is the energy, and materials for that design. It has always existed, and can never be destroyed. It is part of everything that has been, everything that is, and everything that will be. It is present in this universe, and all the others, and is the main essence of existence itself. It could be perceived as a deity, but it is definitely different than the other deities. It is not “good” nor “evil” and is truly neutral.

On Deity: 

Deities can be anything for my understanding as long as that thing becomes deified in some way, or by somebody, and a lot of the deities that we primarily think of are just super powerful spirits that have been deified through history. I believe that anything can be a deity from us earthly beings to higher spiritual beings to even objects. I do not believe these entities, or constructs need to be powerful in anyway, or have certain abilities. This entity does not need to hold dominion over anything, and does not have to represent any archetype of nature, or the universe.

On Divinity:

Entities, and constructs that see divinity in themselves, or have others see it in them may, and can take up the title of deity at least in some form. I would say divinity is the state of emanating the essence of source, or a connection to that essence of source, and this is what is seen to be god-like in these entities, and constructs. Which would explain why deities feel so much higher, and more connected to existence, and the elements of our existence. Because of all of this I do not believe that Godhood is something that has to be reached, as much as it is something to become aware of in all things, and is already inherently present in everything.

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