These are a bunch of my quotes put together with each other to form paragraphs on certain subjects. I wanted to see if I could create some more insight on certain subjects by putting some of my quotes together. Most of it is quite abstract, and fragmented, but I think it turned out nice. The result is what follows:


The sun begins to set, and a new beginning takes hold, one that is born from the darkness. If you are comfortable in the shadows, and the light, you will truly have nothing to fear. One can never understand the light, if they do not understand the dark. The dark would be the light, if you knew the dark first. Balance is a polarity spectrum, that is always in harmony. Focus, and you will be able to see the universe dance with itself. The dark, and the light were born to dance together. I’d describe it as an unstable chaos, like two poems that weren’t meant to touch. Even in chaos there is order. The universe is alive, and flows like a river. The universe is like a scale, that can adjust itself. Slow, calm, and soft is the sound of the pureness of the universe. We are as much each other, as we are ourselves. We are all connected, and we are one thing experiencing a multitude of different realities. We are all equal parts of the same whole. We are all trees that share the same roots, no matter how much we separate we will always be connected to one another. You are both the largest part, and the smallest part. You are existence, and existence is you. You are wholes of each other. Blood is not the only thing that connects us all together, but rather the unity that is inside us all. Purpose is based only on the purpose you give yourself. It’s only meaningless, if you think it’s meaningless. We are like clay, and the universe is the hand that molds us. Come now, and show me your divinity.


The best way to learn is in nature. Nature is a field of balance, cycles, and harmony. We are part of the cycle of life, we are fed by the plants, and animals of the earth, and one day they will feed upon us. Take time to observe the other animals of the forest, they will teach you things through their actions. They watch from the forest, learning all that they can?

The Cosmos:

The moon loves the sun, but the sun would much rather set, then spend time with the moon. Even though the sun, and moon share the sky together they do not communicate that much. She watches overhead, lighting up the night sky, while caring for her children of the shadows. Stare up at the moon, and know that you are safe under it. Look to the stars, and the truth will be known to you. Some of these nights will be the best nights I’ve ever lived, and I hope they never end. I look to the magick of old, and I see the dreams that were set forth by the stars.

The Animal:

Will you follow the wolf into the forest to learn its secrets. You’re a beautiful creature, and sometimes you just gotta feed the wolf. Release your inner animal, and show me your true colors! You will have to use everything that you learned in order to keep up with the wolves when they run, only the strong will make it far. The sun must come up eventually, and when it does the hunt will be over, and you will be stronger than the day before. Wait for the storm to pass, and there will be a sunny day.


He who picks a branch from a tree, and does not use it. Should not be allowed in nature. Love is a beautiful thing, that is present in everything. If you treat the earth with kindness, it will treat you with kindness in return. A touch of kindness goes a long way. Plants are as unique, and different as we are, and they have a lot to teach us if we will only listen. The trees whisper to each other the words, and secrets of man. If you listen closely to the heartbeat of the earth, you can hear the sound of your soul calling back to it. Stay strong for you stand upon the foundation of the earth, and it will always keep you standing with its loving embrace.

The Individual:

You must find the strength to continue on, for if you stop now you will surely die. Do not let the pressure of this world shatter you, stand up, and show them that you are alive, and powerful. We may be more than our bodies, but we are still physical. Your soul is like a fire that is turned up to 11.

Allow your soul to burn like the eternal flame of the universe, powerfully, passionately, and purifyingly. Your blood is powerful, like crimson fire that flows through you. We all have our demons, we may not like them, but we may feed into them, but with enough understanding, we can work with them, and become stronger. Every piece of you is important, cherish everything, and it will never let you down. The people that have come, and gone before you, live on inside of you.

Remember your roots, for they are the thing your foundation is built upon. You cannot build off a broken foundation.


The experiences you have, shape you. Allow your experiences to teach you the lessons of this world. Be free to be you, and all that comes with it. Do not value yourself against others, value yourself as an individual. Do not change your presentation just to suit other people’s needs. Do not hide your identity under a mask, allow the real you to be released into the world. Do not try to be perfect, but much rather try to be the best you, you can be. When your body is in perfect harmony, and you are aligned with everything that is you, you will finally be your higher self. You are always enough, don’t let anyone tell you differently. We are all constantly shifting in our own paradigms.


In solitude I learn to watch my own back, and become stronger for it, though it is a lonely existence. Being selfish may be good for you in the moment, but will eventually come back around, and catch up to you, like everything else does. You do not have to do this alone. There will always be someone to help you. As long as you ask for it. One may not last long, if they stand alone, but with a group to watch their back, they will go on to do great things.Anyone can be a friend, as long as you take the time to know them, but be careful for who you give loyalty to, for it is not easily lost. There is no way to expedite a relationship, you must always let it grow at a very steady pace. Remember you to are part of the flow of the universe, and together you can be stronger than you ever were alone. Allow your soulmate to be with you, to teach you their lessons, and to push you farther along your journey.

let’s all stick together, and better ourselves. Allow our hearts to beat together, and to feel the vibration of each other’s souls.


I think you’re looking for the easy path, but no paths are easy. Nobody is greater, or lesser than anyone else, for we all have our roles to play, and our paths to walk.Your path is you, and you are your path, and together you both go forward. I’m not too sure if there’s an end to anybody’s path, for it may just be a giant circle. We all have a lot to learn, and a long road ahead of us, but I hope that your journey is filling, and prosperous. You’re always moving forward on your path, even when you think you’ve reached a roadblock. Nothing can stop you from moving forward, not even yourself. You will experience things you never thought were possible, and your journey will be long, expansive, and legendary. Hopefully you find whatever you were looking for. One foot in front of the other, and you too will make it through.


If I can’t go out and see the beauty of the world, then I will bring the beauty of the world to me. Our legs can take us many places, if we allow them to carry us. Here you can sense everything, as long as you close your two eyes, and open your third eye. If you do not open your eyes, how can you expect to see. With your eyes always locked on the thing out of reach, you will never see the things that are closer to you. Remember to take time to enjoy the ride.

Choice, fate, and destiny:

Remember that these cards only tell fate, not destiny, and you can always change your fate. As long as you trust your deck, you will never get bad insight. Fate is influenced by your choices. Sometimes it is not what you do, but it is when you do it that is important. Timing may be everything, and should always be in consideration. The consequences of your actions will always meet up with you, it’s just a matter of when, and how. Bad things happen to put you in the direction of something good. Plan for the future, and it will one day be your present. At the end of the day it’s not our choice, it’s the universe’s. It has already made the choice. Now we’re just waiting for us to choose the same choice, again.

Personal truth:

Sometimes the lies you tell yourself are the best ones. Know yourself, and you will always have a friend that knows you better than you do. Who better to tell you how to be yourself, then yourself. You must create your own story, so what is your story? Find what you want, and go after it. Once you find it you will be truly happy. Look deep within yourself, and find exactly what you want. Once you know that you can move towards it. Never stop believing, never allow your faith to leave you, never stop hoping, and allow this to be the wind in your sail to continue moving forward, so that you can find what you want to achieve, and bring it into this world. The true you is ever present in everything that you do. Show your heart in everything that you do, and your soul will be eternally happy. You’re doing a great job my friend. You are having such a wonderful walk through life, so never give up, and keep going. There’s still so much wonderful things you have to do. Do not waste time wishing you could turn back the clock, but instead focus on where you’re going, so you never have to wish that again. There is more to you than anyone will ever know, so continue searching to learn more, and more. You might just be surprised what you find. Release your Ambitions like a flame, and let them turn everything else around you to ashes. Run towards the horizon, and you will be free.


Transcend the ordinary, and become extraordinary. Choose your words carefully, and they will shape you carefully. Spirit of fire, body of Earth, blood of water, breath of air. 4 paths of understanding come together to form the crossroad between worlds. By aligning the mind, the body, and the spirit you will be at peace. By bettering yourself, you will in turn better the world. Pay attention to the past, and it will reflect your future. If you are prepared, and knowledgeable, you will be a light in the chaos in all of the situations you find yourself in.Your ideas are precious, and they should be shared. One must persist, and have the will to do what is right, even when times are hard, and when right is unknowable.


I love to ask questions, because that is how you get answers. Sometimes you can learn things from the strangest of places. The ones who have the most knowledge to share, are the ones who stay quiet the most. Take time to listen, you might just learn something. Learn the ins-and-outs of the microcosm, and you will understand the macrocosm. Most systems are harmonic with each other, and can work together in balance. Even if you cannot see it. You may have just not found the connection yet. Learn from all different people’s experiences, adapted to your practice, create something new, and go, and share it with the world. The best way to learn something is to teach someone else it. Allow your knowledge to grow, and withstand the test of time. Go out, and find the strongest, and tell them of their weakness. Go out, and find the weakest, and tell them of their strengths. Learn, experience, and teach. If a teacher does not teach, then their lessons go to waste.

Breath, and thought:

Breath is the force that allows our thoughts to flow. The chaos of the mind is calmed by the air of the breath. Remember to give yourself time to breathe, to take it easy, and to reconnect back to yourself. This will give you the strength that you will need in order to keep going. Time will always keep ticking, and will continue to always move forward at least how we perceive it. It cannot run out, and it cannot be wasted. Allowed space, and time to focus on this moment… This is your moment.

Hate, and understanding:

Don’t pray for me to think the way you do, but instead pray for the understanding of why I do, what I do. The inability to understand is the foundation for hate. Try to respect everyone, especially the people you believe you should hate, through understanding them, we gain newly found knowledge of not only ourselves, but the world around us. By seeing the importance, and the place that everything has, you will be able to learn to respect, and love everything.

Magick and knowledge:

I am absolutely intrigued by the skills I have learned, the people I have met, and the places I have been. I have not met a practitioner that has not had their own unique magick, with its own unique beauty. Most angels live in heaven, but I have seen plenty of them down here on earth doing magick, and helping people. The more you explore the mind, new forms of knowledge, and the realities themselves, the more doors you can expect to open up to you. Study is important, but one must always make time for practice.Sometimes people just need to be told, that they can do something before they can do it. Your energy follows your intention, no matter what your intention is; good, or bad it will follow it. Our energies influence not only us, but the world around us, so we must be careful what we release into the world. Everything has a metaphysical property, even the space in between constructs. Balance is the key to life, and magick.

Checking information:

Nobody is perfect, not even masters, for they have only learned how to work with their weakness. Understandings are not always complete, and should always be learned, adapted, and evolved. Everyone thinks they are in the right. This can be dangerous thinking, and can blind you, if you let it. Always check your information, for not everyone is always as right as they like to think.

Beliefs, and truth:

Never become stagnant in your beliefs, but allow them to grow with you as you change, and learn in this world. Belief is not truth, it is a tool used to shape your perception. Your perception may shape your reality, but it does not shape mine. Your reality can be change very easily by thought, and belief, but this does not change others realities, or The All. If they truly want to know truth they will go searching for it, and they will not stop until they find it. If you seek for knowledge, you’ll find the truth in all things. Can we ever know truth, if we only believe?


History cannot be changed, but it can be learned from. Stay in the present, and the future will never bother you.

Art and beauty:

Art is the imprint of our soul, upon another surface. Your art is beautiful, because it is made by you the individual, and is more unique than anything else in this world. Art is a wonderful thing, it can speak to your emotions, and impact your heart. I’m so happy when I see something unique created by someone, and I get that sense of this means a lot to them. Beauty, and perfection are less a state of being and are more a perceivable experience. When you peer into somebody’s soul, you can see the true beauty that is them. When I look back at all that I have created, it brings a smile to my face.


There’s something soothing about singing songs, even when you don’t know the words. Music is what inspiration sounds like. Your heartbeat beats to the rhythm of the music of your soul. Anything can be spiritual, if it resonates in your soul.

The king, and the kingship:

A king without his people, is a fool with a crown. A king with more followers than friends, could be easily replaced. It would be hard for you to lead from example, while sitting upon a throne. The king’s empire will eventually fall, and will be replaced by a utopia. Government, It works for the people, and against them at the same time.


Enemies are friends, that you can’t stand the opinions of. Opinions are powerful point of views that can always get you in trouble with people that don’t hold the same ones as you do.

Creation, and destruction:

The hands with the will to create, also have the same will to destroy. These hands can destroy, but from the destruction they will create. May we be careful of what we create, for it may destroy us in the end. Build something that will last, in order to show others how you experienced the world.

Hallow words, and images of dreams:

Strong are the humans, who scribe the sigils of Gods. Sigils are absolutely beautiful, they are like dreams manifested into form. The strokes of a pencil on a blank piece of paper can allow you to create, whatever you can set your mind to.  Energy made physical through the sounds, and the markings of mankind is the language that is ever present in all of us. Speak the words to the ones, who will be able to hear them. Study the word, and then ponder the word, if you do not you will miss the meaning of the word.


Things that do not follow the rules can be punished for it, things that try not to follow the laws learn quickly that they cannot change them. The only laws you can fully adhered to, are the laws that cannot be broken.


The greatest story is the history that we all share. Stories teach us lessons that we might not otherwise learn. Some of the best stories are the ones that are never told. I must write down everything I know, for there must be a lesson for someone in this life of mine.


Pain is just the spice of life. I am still very surprised that I can feel anything. These scars were given to me, and instead of forsaking them, I shall wear them like a badge upon my skin.


One of my biggest fears is that, I lose my knowledge to time. Thinking, philosophizing, wisdom, and knowledge, please do not allow me to lose my mind.


A good feeling is worth fighting for. Allow your shield to defend you, until you are able to get in a hit with your sword. Stay determined, keep pushing, and fight until you can’t fight anymore. Heroes will never fall, if we are there to lift them up, and become heroes are selves. Attacking someone when they are down is a great battle strategy, but not a honorable one. Honor is a greater respect, and kindness, for all things. Only honorable men, die honorable deaths. Every battle comes to an end… Even this one…


Come with me, and let’s shout into the aether together. Allow me to see through the open sky, and see deep into the great beyond. You can be trapped, but never destroyed, only transmuted into something new.

“May my quotes be a reminder to me in the future, for the wisdoms I should not soon forget.” – Wolf Of Antimony

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