Laws of magick I have found, while learning that seem to be true, and fixed from my understanding, The authors are unknown to me, though I do feel there is wisdom in these understandings.

Law of identification, or Law of imitation:

This law states that an entity that imitates, or identifies as another entity will take on characteristics of that entity. The more knowledge that the imitating, or identifying entity has the better, and stronger the association will be, and the more connected that entity will become to the other. This law seems to be connected to the law of association.

Law of Balance:

This law states that balance between energies, and ideas achieves the greatest potential, and that extremes should be avoided, because the state allows you to be more open-minded, and to see all alternatives, so that you will be able to work with the most information, and choose the right path for yourself, while not being blinded.

The Law of Cycles

This law states that everything moves in cycles, and processes, events, or phenomena will eventually repeat themselves at certain times.

The Law of Consent:

This law states that it is harder to act magick on people who do not consent to the magickal practice, this is primarily because they are said to counteract it through sheer force of will, though it is not impossible to affect them it does make it harder.

The Law of Repeatable Achievements:

This law states if it has been done once it can be done again as long as all the variables are exactly the same, or are exchanged with constructs with equivalent properties.

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