The Ravens Of Antimony Micro Unkindness Of Ravens Tarot Spread

  1. LOVE: What are you attracted to, that brings you happiness, and that you love, or are willing to love?
  2. HATE: What are you repulsed by, that makes you angry, and that you want nothing to do with?
  3. POWER: What are you skilled in, what allows you to be strong, and makes it so that you can ascend to new heights?
  4. FEAR: What keeps you from doing something, while making you feel weak, and fills you with fear the most?
  5. SPIRITUALITY: What feeds your heart, and soul, and allows it to soar, and sing?
  6. REASON; What do you know about, that you have a lot of knowledge on, and can explain, and make even better?
  7. SAFETY: What allows you to be safe, strong, and protected?
  8. DELUSION: What are you hiding from, that you would rather not face, but are perfectly comfortable living in?
  9. CREATION: What do you set out to create?
  10. DESTRUCTION: What do you set out to destroy?
  11. LIFE: What is something that you have experienced in life, that has allowed you to expand your experience?
  12. DEATH: What is something in your life that has made you change into a different state, and his made you switch around your worldview, or beliefs?

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