This spell is meant to allow you to manifest the job that you want, and to allow it to pay you well. Feel free to change around the ingredients, and items as you see fit, make sure though that the metaphysical properties are similar, or greater, then the ones that are already in the spell. You do not need to have everything on the item list, though it is important that you try to fill each placement with something that can do the job of what ever was supposed to be there. There are many ways to go about this spell, but the important part is that you raise enough energy to attract the job that you want, while also allowing it to be financially supportive of you. The spell will also work upon your subconscious pushing you towards getting the job that you want, by giving you self-confidence to go for it.

Things you may need, or want to have:

  • 4 Green candles, or 1 Green candle – Green candle for prosperity, success, and wealth. Four candles for stability, balance, and continuous flow of fortune, and abundance.
  • Money of any type – For the energy of attracting money, and as a taglock for money.
  • Name a chosen job written on piece of paper – to have a target in which to focus your energy upon.
  • Pyrite – To attract abundance, wealth and prosperity.
  • Green Jade – For prosperity, luck, and harmony.
  • Citrine – For attracting commercial success, fast money, and turn over on financial speculation. Also provide stability, and endurance.
  • Tiger’s Eye – For attracting money, luck and prosperity into your life
  • Selenite – To raise spiritual energy that will be used in order to help manifest your goal.
  • Clear Quartz – To raise spiritual energy that will be used in order to help manifest your goal.
  • A fire safe bowl – in case you need to burn something in a safe space.

Preparing for the spell:

First we’re going to have to prepare for this spell. Find a space where you will not be disturbed, and where you will be able to focus on your spell casting. Bring everything that you are going to use on the spell into the area so that you will be able to use it while casting your magick. We are going to have to cleanse the area through any cleansing method of your choosing in order to balance, and remove any negative energies that may reside there in. We are also going to have to go through the process of centering, and grounding ourselves, so that we do not get overwhelmed with energy, and can be grounded in this moment in order to focus all of our consciousness, and energy on manifesting what we want. Next we are going to have to go through the process of protecting ourselves through the use of shielding methods such as the bubble of light technique, or by casting a circle. This will allow us to be protected during the spell, and will allow our energy to build up, so that it will be able to raise a cone of power. This cone of power will go through the process of focusing our energy to our desire, so that it will be able to manifest are desire more effectively. This will also put you into a liminal space, so that you will be able to be between worlds in order to act magick more easily. You will also want to make sure that you have the job that you want written upon the piece of paper.

Raising up energy:

Next it is time to raise energy. This energy is going to charge your spell up with power, so that it will be able to go forth, and manifest. In this spell we are going to use items, and a chant in order to raise enough energy in order to manifest a job of your choice that is going to pay you well. During this part of the spell you are going to need to have your items in front of you.

One of the first things you are going to want to do is to light your candles, or candle if you have them. Candles are a great source of spiritual energy, and will be great power sources for your spell, especially if they’re color is in line with your intention. These candles should be in safe positions inside your space, so you do not set fire to anything with them. Remember that fire safety is key.

Look at whatever stones you were able to gather, if any. The stones will always primarily be emanating their energies which will be powering your spell, and will be building up in your cone of power, but by taking the time, and placing your hand upon the stone, and asking it to please give your spell energy you will allow them to be more effective in your spell work through the magickal law of personification. This will allow the stones to start working their power, and start feeding into your spell more effectively.

You can also go through the process of having money in the space with you as well to add some more money, success, wealth, and abundance energy to your spell. Simply go through the process of keeping the money with you in the area, while the spell is being done. You may also want to call out to the energy of the money to bring you more of itself. This will also be used as a taglock to connect yourself to more money.

Next we are going to start chanting. This is a great way of focusing your mind, and getting you into a meditative like state, so that you can not only exist in liminality to better work with the spiritual world, but you can also access your subconscious mind, and be in a better state of focus to control these energies to where they need to go. For this spell we are going to be chanting an affirmation translated into my personal lexicon the arskasao language. This language is very personal to me because it is connected to my alphabet of desire the ravens of antimony, and each syllable of the word has its own energy to it, and when it is said in combinations of words the energies of those words is sent out. The affirmation that we are going to be using is “Skada laba da enakna, lala dabai skada bae.”  meaning I have the money, and job I want. You are going to want to chant this out loud, or in your head during most of the spell in order to focus your consciousness on what you want, and so that you can build up energy towards your manifestation. Since the affirmation is also in a language that is not you’re common spoken language you will focus on it harder, and will also not get hung up on the meaning of words allowing them to flow smoothly.

Trance, and focusing on your intention:

During this entire process you should still be chanting the affirmation from the step before. This will allow you to control, and continue building up energy, while focusing on where it is going to be assigned to.

Next we are going to focus on your intention, which is what you want to bring into the world. Through this mental focus you will be able to imprint into your mind what you want to happen, and we’ll be able to make that a reality in your microcosm, so that it will be able to affect the microcosm. It will push your subconscious to move towards that goal, which will give you the self confidence you need in order to reach for that job. It will also go through the act of targeting, and pushing energy towards the goal, so that it will be able to manifest with that energy.

It is time to close your eyes, and meditate on what job you want, and how you want it to pay you. You should focus on all the intricacies, and details of what you would want to bring into your life, and how you would want it to manifest. Focus intently about this, and see it as best as you can, and allow it to become real with all the sights, sounds, and feelings that you get from it. Experience it in your mind so that you will be able to experience it in your waking life. stay in this state for an extended period of time in order to build up energy, and to focus on your intention. Once you feel like it is time to send out the energy you have accumulated, and have targeted what you want to manifest in your mind open your eyes, and move on to the next step.

Sending out energy:

In the step we are going to destroy the piece of paper with the name of the job that you would like to have on it, in order to send all the energy that we have accumulated at it. The destruction of this paper can be done in any way, but I would recommend that it be done with fireso that it will be able to be sent out in a fiery manifestation. This will allow the energy to be aggressive, and very active in its pursuits to manifest what you want, allowing it to work quickly, and effectively. If you are not allowed to burn things you can always go through the process of tearing it up, or allowing it to dissolve in water, though the manifestation will not have as much of a kick. Once you go through the process of destroying this paper the energy will be released, and the spell will be send out to manifest, and you will be able to proceed on to clean up.

Wrapping up the spell:

Since everything is now done you can go through the process of  centering, and grounding again, releasing your protection, and picking up the items that you used. After you are done doing that you will be able to go on your way knowing that your spell is working. Do not focus upon it, and allow it to work, so that you do not influence it with your idol energy, and mind.

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