Linking sigils are a special type of sigil that have very interesting, and useful utility. These linking sigils are connected to other forms of itself through a magickal link, because of this linking sigils can be powerful taglocks, and can go through the act of storing power, and connecting places, and acts of magick together. A linking sigil shares this connection with every other version of itself, and can go through the process of forming a network when more sigils are constructed, and used. In order to unlink yourself from the influences of the linking sigil is very simple, and can be done like this:

All you have to do is destroy the linking sigil representation in the proximity to you, the place, or the act. When one of these sigil representations is destroyed a node in the network is also destroyed, and becomes disconnected from the rest of the network. That act, or place becomes free from the connection of the linking sigil, and it’s network. If the linking sigil is not around you cannot be connected to the network. After you have been disconnected it is a good idea to go through the process of cleansing to make sure that no energy is left from that connection. That’s all there is really to disconnecting yourself from a linking sigil.

linking sigil 2.png


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