These are correspondences for my alphabet of desire the Ravens of Antimony. These correspondences correlate to the 4 qualities.

  1. Raven Of Lust E | Cold, And Dry
  2. Raven Of Passion U | Hot, And Dry
  3. Raven Of Devotion Æ | A’ | Cold, And Wet
  4. Raven Of Prejudice TA | Hot, And Dry
  5. Raven Of Anger HA | Hot, And Dry
  6. Raven Of Misunderstanding RA | Hot, And Dry
  7. Raven Of Skill A | Hot, And Wet
  8. Raven Of Might I | Hot, And Dry
  9. Raven Of Ascendancy O | Hot, And Wet
  10. Raven Of Chaos KA | Hot, And Dry
  11. Raven Of Panic ȜA | Gha |Cold, And Wet
  12. Raven Of Horror þA | Tha | Cold, And Wet
  13. Raven Of Darkness SA | Cold, And Wet
  14. Raven Of Connection LA | cold, And wet
  15. Raven Of Light MA | Hot, And wet
  16. Raven Of Wisdom AR | Hot, And Wet
  17. Raven Of Knowledge JA | Hot, And Wet
  18. Raven Of Logic NA | Hot, And Wet
  19. Raven Of Binding BA | Cold, And Dry
  20. Raven Of Warding GA | Hot, And Dry
  21. Raven Of Protection CA | Hot, And Dry
  22. Raven Of Insanity ZA | Hot, And Wet
  23. Raven Of Illusion QA | Hot, And Wet
  24. Raven Of Fantasy FA | Cold, And Dry
  25. Raven Of Energy KNA | Hot, And Dry
  26. Raven Of Life SKA | Cold, And Dry
  27. Raven Of Health SHA | Cold, And Wet
  28. Raven Of Corruption ACK | Cold, And Dry
  29. Raven Of Death ABT | Cold, And Dry
  30. Raven Of Banishment ARD | Cold, And Dry
  31. Raven Of Pain PA | Cold, And Dry
  32. Raven Of Experience DA | Cold, And Dry
  33. Raven Of Enlightenment XA | Hot, And Wet
  34. Raven Of Unknown YA | Cold, And Wet
  35. Raven Of Release VA | Cold, And Wet
  36. Raven Of Rebirth WA | Cold, And Wet

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