The body, mind, and spirit trinity is a useful trinity for understanding existence, magick, and health, along with many other aspects of existence. These share a very interesting relationship, and effect each other in many various ways. They are not just used to explain the relationship between the states of an individuals being, but can also be used to explain the being of existence in relation to the dimensions, planes of existences, density, and the rest of emanationism, and are a paradigm of understanding that is worth exploring. When there is something right, or wrong with one of these parts the entire system feels it, because of how closely connected all of these parts are to each other, and if one part of the individual is not working to the best of its ability, then the rest of the individual is also not. Through the act of focusing to better all of these different places of being the more balanced, and harmonious you will feel, live, and experience.


Body refers to the physical being of the material world. It is represented by the physical, etheric, and astral planes of existence, and is connected to our physical bodies. The body is the physical health of our bodies, their well-being, and how they go about working. It is everything that you can feel and touch. it is what you see with your physical eyes, and are the electrons that shoot through your brain that makes up your neurological processes. It is the matter of everything in existence, that is present in this physical world. The body is connected to the element of earth, which is dense, stable, and balance much like the physical world. It is the world of forms, that have been created from the structured ideas of the mind. The body is passive, and spends most of its time being acted upon by the mind, and spirit in which are above it. when there are problems with the physical, it may be hard to physically be, and experience without some forms of drawbacks. Your body can be worked with through exercise, eating healthy, and by preventing physical sickness, and injury, along with striving for wellness in all aspects of your physical life.


Mind is the mental activity, consciousness, awareness, perception, sentience, and is the place of ideas that give life to form. This level is the connection point between the body, and spirit, and is the place where the raw energy of the spirit can be controlled into the physical forms of the body. It is this connection that allows us to control energy, and allows us to manifest things from higher planes of existences. The mind is connected to the mental plane, and casual plane of existence. Everything in existence is mental, and is taken in through the mental perception of consciousness. The mind is connected to the elements of water, and air. This is because water has to do with emotions, and air has to do with thought, which are both constructs of the mind and mental experience. The mind is active, and passive, and will switch between acting, and being. When there are problems with the mind, it may be hard to set forth action through ideas, and to influence the body, while it may also be hard to be within your own mind, and to receive information from your spirit. Your mind can be worked with through meditation, mindfulness, learning, creativity, shadow work, and any other actions that use your mental, and emotional processes.


Spirit refers to the underlining energetic vibration that makes up everything, and it is the power behind the entire universe. Spirit is connected to the buddhic, atmic, monadic,and adi planes of existences. Spirit is the thing that moves first, which causes ripples in the mind, that in turn effects the body. Spirit is connected to the element of fire, because of the power that it holds over existence, and because it’s activity gives life to all of the others much like the sun. It is active, to the point where it acts upon others to start moving. When there is a problem with your spirit it is hard for you to be, in any regard. The spirit can be worked with through energy work, magick, witchcraft, prayer, worship, and anything else that can flare up the fire within.

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