Just some more laws of understanding for existence, magick, and the universe. That I have found, and brought into my understanding.

The Law of Existence:

This law states that’s something exists, as opposed to nothing. It is an axiom of existence, which is an intrinsic property of existence, due to the fact that something needs to exist in order for you to even ask the question.

The Law of Consciousness:

This law states that consciousness does exist, as opposed to not. It is an axiom of existence, due to the fact that existence must be perceived by something in order to have a concept of existence, and because we all personally have consciousness.

The Law of Identity:

This law states that everything has its own unique characteristics, which makes it the same and different as other constructs. There are always elements of a construct, or entity that allows them to identify as a specific being, while also allowing them to identify as the same as other things.

The Law of Records:

This law states that everything is being recorded by the energy of the existence. Everything in existence is made out of energy in this energy recordes information on of what it comes in contact with, and that is opposed on it. This is sometimes known as the akashic records, or akashic energy.

The Law of Incarnation, and Reincarnation:

This law states that it is possible to incarnation, and reincarnation.

The Law of One, or The Law of Unity:

This law states that everything is connected in an intrinsic way, because of this everything has power over everything else, though this power will be slight, if this is the only connection facilitating it.

The Law of Relative, and Absolute Truth:

This law states that There are two kinds of truth in existence, one absolute, the other Relative. The absolute truth is objective, unchanging and eternal. The relative truth is relative, and subjective to a person, culture, tradition, or other grouping.

The Law of Energy Conservation, or The Law of Immortality:

This law states that energy cannot be created nor destroyed. Energy can only be transferred, and has to go somewhere. This understanding works for natural science as well as it does for occult science.

The Law of Consecration:

This law states that wherever one focuses one’s mind with intense thought, and with a certain intention or desire in mind, one transmits energy that resonates with those intentions to it.

The Law of Power:

Everything in existence has power. Power being the capacity to direct, or influence in a particular way behaviors, actions, and qualities of itself, or of other constructs, or entities.

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