Sigils created by yourself, and sigils that were created by others have the same magickal manifestation potential, no matter who decides to use them. Using a sigil that you did not create does not take away any power away from your manifestation, but the power for your manifestation, and the sigil representation you focus on to represent this desire may come from different places. The sigil does hold in amount of power, but it is also mixed with the power that you send out with it, and the intention it helps instill in your subconscious mind. Using your own sigil, or somebody else’s sigil affects the power that sigil holds, and the way in which your subconscious mind imprints it.

Sigils that you create yourself have a very personal connection to you, and because you have this personal connection you will be able to better connect with it, it will have your own personal energy, and it will be able to be brought into your subconscious mind easier. This is because it already has been imprinted into your subconscious through the sigil creation process, and that act of creation also allowed you to give your own spiritual energy to it not only through the law of contagion, but also through you using your power to give it existence. This type of sigil will also be in your own art style, which may be self-empowering, or self-hindering, depending upon what you think of your art style, and how well your mind allows you to focus upon it because of that. You will also have full understanding of how it was created, and will know the ins, and outs of the sigil. This will be very connected to you, and because of that it will resonate with your own power, and mind.

Sigils that are created by others still have used to a person who didn’t create them, and can still be very powerful tools in your practice, and can even be more powerful than sigils you create yourself. These sigil have the inherent spiritual energy of the person who created them, and you will still be able to work with this energy to help manifest your desire. Nothing will stop you from imprinting these into your subconscious mind, and charging them with energy in order to activate them, so that they can manifest your desire. It will be in the other person’s art style which may help you to focus on it, and may make you believe that it is more powerful. This form of belief can be used to empower manifestation through somebody else’s work, especially if you are self-conscious, or insecure about your own power to create things that would do the same. The other person maybe more experience in the processes of sigil creation, and may be able to add different techniques, and understandings which may in turn increase the effectiveness of the sigil. If the sigils open to the public then it’s power may increase its overall effectiveness through the law of frequency, or continuous use. This will charge the idea form of the sigil through the usage, and awareness it gets from others, which will strengthen the overall power of the sigil. These types of sigil may not be your own, but they can still be used as tools in your practice to allow you to manifest what you want.

At the end of the day find which one works for you the best, and use it. Pragmatism is key here, though by understanding the differences between both of them you will be able to see which one you will be able to use more actively in your practice. I’d highly recommend that you go through the process of creating your own sigils, and using them in your practice, if you want to, because it will allow you to learn understandings of sigil creation, and may be able to be a very powerful method that you can use in order to create some interesting things for your practice, but it is really up to you. No matter what you choose it should work for you perfectly fine, and will allow you to manifest what you want. Remember that sigils are like swords, regardless of if you are the swordsmith, or not. The sword will still be able to cut, no matter who swings it.


    • You are able to print it out, or draw It. In order to create a physical representation of the sigil, but after that all you have to do is charge it, and activate it. like you would any other type of sigil.


  1. Thank you for this article. How do we use your sigils designed for example for cursing an individual. How does one personnalise it? Thank you


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