Viadescioism has the understanding of hard determinism, especially causal determinism, and Logical determinism. It has the understanding that free will does not exist as a metaphysical construct, and that everything is determined based on earlier causes which will determine particular outcomes based on factors that have preceded it. Choice, and action is determined by multiple factors, and no choice can be separate from these determined factors. Even your thoughts, and feelings, are all determined by different factors that have taken place in your environment, and being, and it is the same thoughts, and feelings that allow you to make the choices that you do. Agent action is determined by belief, desire, and temperament towards a specific situation. The factors may be quite incredibly complex to understand, but when all of them come together they will determine an event based on their combined efforts. From the understandings of logical determinism Viadescioism gains the understanding that prepositions about the past, present, and future have a truth value, and can be seen to be true or false based on what has happened, what is presently happening, and what is determined to happen.

Free will can still be seen as an illusion, which may be embraced in moral situations in order to determine responsibility, so that the subjectivity of one’s morals can be based on a more direct constant. This free will illusion allows us to understand that events in relation with us are still ours in a moral sense, especially in the context of everyday situations, and that we can still pay the consequences for actions that are determined upon us.

Viadescioism holds the understanding of fate, and destiny. Fate is a causal chain that is determined to happen, because of actions that were taken in the past, that will affect the future. These fates are made every time an event in existence happens, and is the course of the future you are headed to based on all the determined factors. Your fate can be overridden, when another fate is created from an event in existence. Your potential fate is not the only fate created when an event happens, there is also other universe fates that split off from the main one at that time in order to create other universes in which those fates were taken. Though it was determined that you would take this fate in this universe, those other fate do exist, but in a different universe where everything is determined differently. Destiny is a potential outcome that you cannot get away from, and that will happen regardless of anything you do. It is an event that will be experience sometime in the future and is a point that will be reached through the deterministic nature of existence. One of your fates that may be created, may lead to a destiny that will be fulfilled.

Viadescioism also holds the understanding of incompatibilism, which states that a deterministic existence, and a free will existence are not compatible with each other, and that only one of these understandings can be held by an individual.

Existence is deterministic, which does not give a lot of space for free will in the conventional understanding of it. These deterministic chains manifest in the ways of fates, and makes sure to arrive at destinies. All of this is connected to the flow of existence throughout time, and space, and it’s something that will always have power over it.

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