Tetractys 2.png

The tetractys also known as a tetrad, the mystic tetrad, the tetractys of the decad, and the pyramid of emanation is a equilateral triangular figure consisting of ten points arranged in four rows. The Tetractys is a reality map that can be used to understand more about existence through the connection, and relativity of the points, or emanations that make up it. The Tetractys is a geometrical representation of the fourth triangular number in mathematics, and creates a perfect equilateral triangle. It is also connected to pythagoreanism, which is the teachings, and beliefs held by Pythagoras, and his followers, who saw the symbol as very important mathematically, and philosophically. Pythagoras understood that the tetractys was a symbol of the musical, arithmetic and geometric ratios upon which the universe is built, and because of this it was considered sacred geometry.

The first row consists of 1 point, the second row consists of 2 Points, third row consists of 3 Points, and the fourth row consists of 4 Points. The Tetractys is a combination of the monistic understanding of source, the dualistic system of the metaphysical law of gender, the triadistic system of the three principles of alchemy, and the tetradistic system of the 4 western classic elements. All of the points of the tetractys add up to ten, which corresponds to unity, completion, and higher order, and makes the Paradigm a decadistic system.


The Monistic row of the Tetractys represents:

  • Source
  • Monad
  • Unity
  • Singularity
  • Divinity
  • Divine wisdom

This is the first point of divinity where all other emanations are created from. It represents all the raw power of being, while also acting as a divine essence of everything.


The dualistic row of the tetractys represents:

  • The Dyad
  • Masculine/Feminine
  • Creation/Destruction
  • God/Goddess
  • Yin/Yang
  • Love/Strife
  • Light/Darkness
  • Activity/Passivity
  • Limit/Unlimited
  • Peras/Apeiron

The dualistic row of the tetractys is the first separation of the whole, and the beginning of motion. Where two forces of the whole push against each other changing, creating, and destroying as they do so.


The triadistic row of the tetractys represents:

  • Sulfur, Mercury, Salt
  • Mother, Child, Father
  • Body, Mind, Spirit

The triadistic row of the tetractys separates out the states of being, and the canvases in which the universe will be painted upon.


The tetradistic row of the tetractys represents:

  • Fire, Air, Water, and Earth
  • Hot, Dry, Wet, and Cold

The tetradistic row of the tetractys is the separation of the core aspects of existence mostly being elements, and qualities that make up everything, and put the rest of existence into being.

Emanations, or points:

Source, Masculine, Feminine, Sulfur, Mercury, Salt, Fire, Air, Water, Earth


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