I decided to make a code to live by so that I can understand my moral, and ethical state in a more solidified understanding. Though my moral, and ethical state is more complicated, and ineffable, this will definitely help to break it down into more comprehendible pieces for myself to understand. Each virtue is in an order of importance based upon the row of the tetractys in which they are in. All of them are important, but if one must be violated it should be the one that is lower on the important list.

Tetractys vvvv.png


The first virtue is apotheosis. Apotheosis as it is being used here is the highest point in one’s development. This means a connection to spirituality, divinity, and the universe itself. Apotheosis is the transcendent illumination of the soul, and the mind, body, and spirit that make up it. It is seeking numinosity between yourself, and your higher divinity. It is the act of theognosia, or knowing god, or divinity. It also incorporates the understandings of enlightenment. This is connected to the understanding of Source on the tetractys.


The second virtue is Philosophia. Philosophia means “love of wisdom” and as a part of this understanding it represents the higher knowledge one should strive for, so that they will be able to break the chains of ignorance, and to be able to have understanding of all things. It is a love for learning that is characterized by curiosity, hypologhismos (higher reasoning), and open-mindedness, allowing an individual to grab a high amount of sapience in order to illuminate aletheia (higher truth) of the infinite nature of existence. This is connected to the understanding of masculine on the tetractys.


The third virtue is eudaimonia. Eudaimonia is the wellness of an individual that is brought by the right actions to put one in said state. It is being in a healthy, happy, and prosperous state of being which will bring forth a well-lived life. It is brought out by the pleasures of life, the wellness of mind, body, and spirit, and the contentment of being. Every individual has their own eudaimonia, and what allows them to reach such a state. It also incorporates the understandings of eftychía which is a powerful happiness, contentment, and a good fortune. This is connected to the understanding of feminine on the tetractys.


The fourth virtue is Philotimon. Philotimon means “love of Honor” it is walking up on the right path with respect, ambition, authenticity for yourself, and for all things that you would consider good. In my understanding it is also connected to truthfulness, sincerity, loyalty, respect, appreciation, and gratitude to all things in which you interact with. It is your connection to your passions, and following them determinately, while keeping integrity with yourself, and your actions. be true to yourself and do everything you love with meraki, and nous, so that you will be able to live authentically, and within your highest honor. This is connected to the understanding of sulfur on the tetractys.


The fifth virtue is Isoropia. Isoropia is connected to the understandings of balance, and equilibrium. it is the virtue that focuses on the middle way, so that you do not find extremes and can maintain a healthy and dynamic balance in all things. It is the impartiality between constructs, and because of this is also connected to justice, moderation, and egalitarianism in all things. This is connected to the understanding of mercury on the tetractys.


The sixth virtue is Sophrosyne. Sophrosyne is excellent character and soundness of mind that results in Temperance, patience, self-discipline, and self-confidence. It allows us to self reflect on our character and the different parts of ourselves. It also incorporates understandings of discretion and prudence that allows us to be aware of the world. It is knowing yourself, and keeping yourself in balance. This is connected to the understanding of salt on the tetractys.


The seventh virtue is eleutheria. Eleutheria meaning freedom and is the understanding of acting, speaking, or thinking without restraint or hindrance. It also is connected to the understandings of liberty, and independence, and the idea of having some amount of liberality in all things that you do. This is connected to the understanding of fire on the tetractys.


The eighth virtue is Humility. Humility helps us look at ourselves, and leads us to continue becoming a better person. It will allow us to do things that are important without needing to draw attention to what we have done, or to what we have gained from it. It is having a form of modesty for your work, and what you know, so that you do not get a big head, and can keep your feet on the ground. This is connected to the understanding of air on the tetractys.


The ninth virtue is agapi. Agapi is unconditional love for all things. This powerful love allows an individual to be charitable, have empathy, compassion, and generosity. It is understanding other people, and having magnanimity, sympathy, and mercy for even people who wronged you. Encapsulates the understanding of the golden rule which is “do unto others as you would have them do unto you”. It is the idea of sonder which brings fourth the understanding that everyone around you has a life as vivid, and complex as your own allowing you to understand the perspective of others, and having leniency, and tact while dealing with them. This love and joy for other people shall give you Mudita. This is connected to the understanding of water on the tetractys.


The tenth virtue is stoicism. Stoicism is the calmness, and stableness of body, mind, and spirit, while in all situations. It is not worrying, and having fortitude, quietude, and tranquility within yourself, and life. It is the serenity, and equanimity of peace within your being that allows you to be harmonious, and mindful with thoughts, and emotions. This is connected to the understanding of earth on the tetractys.

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  1. I love your work on this .. I have been working with and being pulled to the Pythagorean’s philosophy and wanted to put the symbols together in a divine order that represented honor and virtue and I stumbled upon your drawing doing exactly that.

    Thank you


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