LUST (E) | Planet: Venus
PASSION (U) | Planet: Venus
DEVOTION (Æ)(A’) | Planet: Venus
PREJUDICE (TA) | Planet: Saturn
ANGER (HA) | Planet: Mars
SKILL (A) | Planet: Jupiter
MIGHT (I) | Planet: Mars
ASCENDANCY (O) | Planet: Uranus
CHAOS (KA) | Planet: Saturn
PANIC (ȜA) (Gha) | Planet: Saturn
HORROR (þA) (Tha) | Planet: Saturn
DARK (SA) | Planet: Moon
CONNECTION (LA) | Planet: Neptune
LIGHT (MA) | Planet: Sun
WISDOM (AR) | Planet: Mercury
KNOWLEDGE (JA) | Planet: Mercury
LOGIC (NA) | Planet: Mercury
BINDING (BA) | Planet: Jupiter
WARDING (GA) | Planet: Jupiter
PROTECTION (CA) | Planet: Mars
INSANITY (ZA) | Planet: Uranus
ILLUSION (QA) | Planet: Neptune
FANTASY (FA) | Planet: Neptune
ENERGY (KNA) | Planet: Sun
LIFE (SKA) | Planet: Sun
HEALTH (SHA) | Planet: Moon
CORRUPTION (ACK) | Planet: Pluto
DEATH (ABT) | Planet: Pluto
BANISHMENT (ARD) | Planet: Mars
PAIN (PA) | Planet: Pluto
EXPERIENCE (DA) | Planet: Jupiter
ENLIGHTENMENT (XA) | Planet: Uranus
UNKNOWN (YA) | Planet: Uranus
RELEASE (VA) | Planet: Moon
REBIRTH (WA) | Planet: Pluto


    • they have come together through the marrying of the metaphysical properties of the planets, and the understandings of the ravens of antimony allowing us to know which ones correspond to what planet.


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