LUST (E) | Prime: Salt
PASSION (U) | Prime: Mercury
DEVOTION (Æ)(A’) | Prime: Sulfur
PREJUDICE (TA) | Prime: Mercury
ANGER (HA) | Prime: Mercury
SKILL (A) | Prime: Salt
MIGHT (I) | Prime: Salt
ASCENDANCY (O) | Prime: Sulfur
CHAOS (KA) | Prime: Salt
PANIC (ȜA) (Gha) | Prime: Mercury
HORROR (þA) (Tha) | Prime: Mercury
DARK (SA) | Prime: Sulfur
CONNECTION (LA) | Prime: Sulfur
LIGHT (MA) | Prime: Sulfur
WISDOM (AR) | Prime: Mercury
KNOWLEDGE (JA) | Prime: Mercury
LOGIC (NA) | Prime: Mercury
BINDING (BA) | Prime: Salt
WARDING (GA) | Prime: Salt
PROTECTION (CA) | Prime: Salt
INSANITY (ZA) | Prime: Mercury
ILLUSION (QA) | Prime: Mercury
FANTASY (FA) | Prime: Mercury
ENERGY (KNA) | Prime: Sulfur
LIFE (SKA) | Prime: Sulfur
HEALTH (SHA) | Prime: Salt
CORRUPTION (ACK) | Prime: Salt
DEATH (ABT) | Prime: Salt
BANISHMENT (ARD) | Prime: Salt
PAIN (PA) | Prime: Salt
EXPERIENCE (DA) | Prime: Sulfur
ENLIGHTENMENT (XA) | Prime: Sulfur
UNKNOWN (YA) | Prime: Sulfur
RELEASE (VA) | Prime: Sulfur
REBIRTH (WA) | Prime: Sulfur

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