Journey meditation, or shamanic journeying is a form of meditation that is originally brought to us through the understandings of new age neoshamanic practices. In this post I will also be expanding upon it using my own understandings, and experiences. In this form of meditation you journey in your mind, and explore the inner places of your subconscious, and your connection with the spiritual world. In these journeys you are able to explore your own personal intentions, and you are able to interact with spirit guides, guardian angels, ancestors, ascended masters, and deities, along with other entities. This practice uses your skills of entering a trance, visualization, and psychic senses in order for you to move throughout your mindscape. Journey meditation is a form of meditation that greatly allows you to walk in between the worlds, and exist within the liminal space, so that you will be able to interact with the spirit world for guidance, and help.

Journeying is a very diverse tool, and there are many different ways that you can use it. Everyone has the ability to journey, all you have to do is take the time to learn, and to practice it. Just like meditating in general this can take a few times for you to get right. Journey meditation can be used for spiritual growth, healing, and obtaining information. When you are journeying you raise your vibration up into the etheric plane of existence, and because of that you will be more connected to the spiritual world, and higher spiritual beings. The journey environment provides an area in which you can experience, and express emotions, and pieces of yourself, while also learning things. Inside this place you can go through the process of casting magick, living through experiences you wish to put yourself in, and learning from your guides, and guardian entities. You are also able to set an intention for the reason that you are doing a specific Journey. This will help you to focus on what you would like to do, and get out of the journey. These journeys are usually more a free exploration to find understanding through more improvised means. But, when these Journeys are planned out it is usually in order to find specific things, or answers to questions in your life through free exploration. It is important to allow your journey to unfold naturally, so that you would be able to flow through the mindscape in a natural manor, while opening yourself up to experiences.

When you first enter a journey meditation you always begin in what is known as your sacred space. This is a familiar space where you usually begin your journeys, and where you can come for sweet, and simple communication between you, and your guardian, or guiding entities. This place is open to you at any time you would like to use it, and you are simply able to access it by entering a meditative state. I found that this place can be very dynamic, and personal, and can change based on your thoughts, feelings, and ideas. Your Sacred Space is usually a more natural space usually taking the place of somewhere in nature, though it can take the form of anything. This place also seems to be very protected to the point where only specific entities that you are close to, or you have invited in, are able to find a way into, and interact with it. You can manually modify your sacred space, in whatever way you would like, and because of this it is truly a part of you, that acts as your entrance to interacting with the spirit world.

The places where you can Journey are completely varied, and can be any place that you can think of. Some will be places that are like the physical world, and other places will be places of fantasy, and more abstract constructs. Some places will be absolutely beautiful, and will consist of worlds you never believed you would be able to see. Journey meditation is much like entering a dreamlike state while completely awake. You are able to see, hear, feel, taste, and smell things when you are journeying just like you’re able to experience in your dreams, or even like in your waking life. Sometimes in journeys your senses will vary depending upon different factors. Allowing you to have stronger, or weaker senses in different Journeys, and different Journey environments. These Journey environments are influenced by your mind, the influence of spirits, and other connections to the spiritual world.

Journey meditation is usually also done with shamanic drumming, or rattling in order to bring upon the trance-like state. These instruments help bring your focus to a certain rhythm allowing you to enter a trance-like state in a much more easy way. In shamanic drumming, or rattling the rhythm will start off nice, and even, and will change rhythm, or get faster at closer to the end of the drumming or rattling in order to call your consciousness back to your body.

You should keep track of all the entities and things that stand out upon your journey, because these maybe messages that can help you in your life, and practice. It is important when you return from your journey to keep track of all the things that you experience, so that you would be able to learn from all that you have experienced in your journey.

Step-by-step guide on how to Journey:

1) First you need to find a quiet space where you will not be disturbed. This place should be completely free from distractions. It also helps if you are in some place in nature, or a place that has spiritual significance to you. It just needs to be a place where you feel you will be able to interact with the spirit world, while being safe, comfortable, and focused. You will also want to make sure that the space is cleanse properly, so that there is no negative energies that have built up already in the space. You should put on some comfortable clothing, and take off any jewelry, or other forms of accessories. During this time you may also want to put on recordings of shamanic drumming, or rattling, so that it will be able to play during your journey.

During these preparation moments you will also want to think of what you would like your intention for this journey to be, whether that be communicating with a specific spirit, or simply exploring, this would be the time to set that intention, so that you will be able to focus upon it while going into your meditative state. After that you should call upon your guardian, and guiding entities, and ask them to help you in your journey, or to at least be present. Next choose to sit, lay, or stand in any way that you would be comfortable to meditate in for a while. Now be in that position, close your eyes, and try to relax into a meditative state.

2) Now take time in this relaxed state to begin to energetically ground, and center yourself. This will allow you to become more relaxed, and will also go through the act of calling your energy back to yourself. At this time you should use a spiritual protection technique. This technique can be casting a circle, the psychic protective ball of light, or any other technique, or method you are familiar with that will be able to protect you. All you need is a way to be protected from outside negative influences that could disturb your meditation. Once this is done you should begin through the process of opening your energy centers, starting from the lower ones to the upper ones. This will open you up spiritually to begin feeling, and interacting with the spiritual world. Take time after you have completed this to focus upon yourself with your third eye, so that you will be able to bring your awareness to yourself in order to begin this journey.

3) Now we are ready to begin our journey, and we will start by opening your spiritual sight. This is done through visualization and the opening of your third eye by doing this you will be able to more easily interact with the journey, and the worlds that you will be exploring. One way that you would be able to do this is by focusing on your third eye between your eyes in the center of your head a ball of energy glowing brightly, and steadily getting brighter. This will help to will your third eye into opening, so that you will be able to begin to move into the journey. Once you feel that you have made progress opening your third eye visualize yourself sitting in a specific environment like a forest, a city, a jungle, a mountain, or any place that you feel safe, and comfortable. Your mind will usually already have a place in your subconscious in which it finds peaceful, protective, and harmonious, and this place will usually be taken on as your sacred space. Allow this place to form around you and to become real, and see it as if you are looking through your waking eyes, from a first-person perspective. Allow yourself to see, allow yourself to hear, allow yourself to smell, and allow yourself to feel. Everything that is going on in this environment feel into it, and give it life. Your intention, and your will are how you interact with the world, by intending for something to happen, and putting your will towards it will allow you to interact with your surroundings, and move your body throughout the journey. Through your intent, and your will you will make it real, and be able to feel, and sense things in this world.

4) Once you have control in this world you will then be able to explore it. Allowing yourself to move past your sacred space, and move out into the outer world. Take time to look for doorways, pathways, and other ways that you will be able to explore the world around you, and expand out past your sacred space. The trick to this is not allowing yourself to influence the land with your intent, and will, and go through it with an open mind allowing you to interact with things outside your normal perception. This will allow the world to be influenced by your subconscious mind, your unconscious mind, your guiding entities, and the spiritual world. Where these pathways take you allow you to experience different parts of yourself, and different forms of interactions with the spiritual world and will allow you to learn things from your journey. Certain pathways may call out to you by simply opening up, or by drawing attention your attention to it, and all of these ways will be able to teach you something, or allow you to experience new aspects of the world. Your guiding entities may also take you on journeys of their own in order to teach you a certain lesson you need to learn in your life. Journeying is all about the experience usually not about the destination, because most of the time there is no destination just places you perceive, and learn from on the way there. Take your time to experience the spiritual world, and your mind, and to take in information.

5) When you feel like you have completed your journey, or your shamanic drumming calls you back, You can do so simply by thanking all your guiding entities for coming with you on your journey, and can simply begin easing out of the meditation. once you open your eyes you should go to the process of centering and grounding, dropping any forms of protection that you used and allowing yourself to readjust to the physical world. Once you have done this you will be able to go on your way with the knowledge that you’ve gained in your journey. This would be a good time to record what you have experienced so that you do not forget it, and use it later in your practice.

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