Spirituality, and religion seem to be two things that are greatly connected though it is important to know that these are two separate Concepts that can work independently of each other or can work in Tangent. Both of these concepts highlight the understanding of finding, and experiencing your way in life, though they go about it in two separate ways.


Spirituality is the practices, and understandings that relate to personal individuals and/or their spiritual essence. Anything can be spiritual as long as it is harmonious with the spiritual part of your being. Spirituality allows you to look into yourself, and your environment to find wisdom, and knowledge that pertains to your personal spiritual being, and because of this spirituality is shaped by your experiences, and your connection to understanding yourself. In spirituality you are able to experiment and figure out what works for you, and can take those new understandings, and apply them into your life. Spirituality can be secular, but does not have to be, and can be combined with religious practice. Spirituality can also include deity and other forms of entities without any form of religious aspect. There are also no rules except for what you come up with yourself these understandings are based on your own morals, personal beliefs, and feelings that helped give rise to your understanding of how to interact with the world around you. It is a very internal process, in which gives rise to the essence of religion, and religious practices. Spirituality is the well-being of the mind body and spirit based upon the understandings and discoveries that you come in contact with. It allows you to better yourself through internal means, and aims to reconnect you with your divinity.


Religion is the practices, ideas, beliefs, and/or worship of a specific understanding that are connected to divinity, or higher understandings. Religions are specific formatted paradigms of understanding that help someone understand the world from a specific point of view. Religions have specifically laid out dogma, and beliefs that an adherent subscribes to, and understands as true. Religious understandings come from external sources of experience, and are usually formed in such a way that these understandings, and practices can be practiced, and adapted by adherence. Practices and understandings are laid out in a specific manner in which there will be little to no deviation from and will act as the core beliefs of the religion in order to create similar ways of thinking, and experiencing based upon the community that interacts with the religious understandings, and practices. Understandings of right, and wrong are based upon specific ethical codes, and do not directly reflect the morals of the individual. Religion gives a more concrete form of understanding to the free-flowing nature of spirituality which makes up its essence, allowing those understandings to be worked with, and learned by other adherence through the spreading, and interactment with the doctrine. religion is the organization of personal, or communal beliefs, and practices. It allows you to better yourself through external means, and to interact with the essence of divinity, or higher understanding through other facets of the world, and will usually allow you to reflect that divinity and/or higher understanding back upon yourself for personal growth, and enhance connection to divinity.

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