Viadescioic animism:

Viadescioism holds the understanding of animism which is the belief that everything is alive, and has a anima meaning “soul, living being, animating principle, and breath” as their essence which vitalizes them, and gives them agency. This understanding extends to people, animals, constructs, and ideas. Viadescioic animism is an idea of pervading life, and will within the nature of all constructs that exist within existence. This animism acknowledges the essence of all constructs, and entities that exist, and their own unique expression of their own personal monadic being. All constructs, and entities may have anima though this does not mean that they will be anthropomorphic, or personified in there being, and may just be a force that acts upon being, but is also able to show their agency in the world. Animism allows the relationship between the many different parts of the universe to have respect for one another and the different forms, and natures that they possess.

Viadescioic pantheism:

The pantheistic nature of Viadescioism allows all parts of existence equated to divinity. Everything is made of the divinity that pervades existence, and because of this we are all divine in our own right, because our being is a separation of that divinity. Pantheism in viadescioism is based around the understanding of divinity being everything, and everything being divinity, and that source is all-encompassing, and ever present. Also because of this viadescioism has the understanding of autotheism meaning that everyone is made up of divinity, and is a deity, and in their own way divine. Though certain divine presences will be subjectively more revered than others, we all have the same divine presence within us.

Viadescioic philosophical posthumanism:

Philosophical posthumanism is an understanding within viadescioism that provides with it the understanding that humans are not Superior to any other entity or constructs with in existence, and that humans simply work into the greater flow of everything, just like every other thing in nature. Humans are seen as animals, and share the same amount of importance as other animals, plants, and constructs, and are simply another piece of existence. Existence does not revolve around humanity, though humanity is a part of existence they are not the main theme, and are simply a footnote of that existence. Everything in existence is a part of the nature of that existence, and everything has its place within the circle of life regardless of if you are human, non-human animal, or some other form of construct, or entity, and because of that no entity from simply being is superior to any other. This understanding also allows you not to act your will upon the world in a forceful, and controlling manor, but to incorporate yourself in the flow in a specific way allowing you to work with the rest of the world, and your environment in a harmonious way to enact will.

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